EX: 1/30/2012
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2016.04.08 Fri, by

“what it is about when it is about nothing”

Eschewing the tangible details, like state iconography or paeans to Singlish and the "kampung" spirit, Lee’s oblique approach suggests that things which may not seem to have much to do with Singapore could actually tell us much more than signifiers fraught with overuse... >> Read more
2012.12.06 Thu, by

Mizuma and One Gallery

Founded in 1994 in Tokyo by MIZUMA Sueo, Mizuma Art Gallery has established reputation for its engagement in showing emerging Japanese artists of our time. Mizuma Art Gallery represents the world some of the most innovative artists from Japan and the rest of Asia among them AIDA Makoto, KONOIKE Tomoko, YAMAGUCHI Akira, Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba and […] >> Read more
2018.02.04 Sun, by

Meng Yangyang

Meng Yangyang was born in China in 1983. She graduated from Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts with a B.A. in 2006 and a M.F.A in 2009. Currently, she lives and works in Shanghai. >> Read more
2017.05.08 Mon, by


Gallery 55 is proud to present Beijing based artist Meng Yangyang's first solo exhibition in Shanghai "Legato" >> Read more
2016.10.09 Sun, by

“Why are we doing what we are doing?”

“我们为什么在做我们正在做的事?”三潴画廊近期的摄影展这样问道,这可以被视作是质疑摄影存在性基础的一种缩影。然而,诚如展览描述所言,这对于一次关注非常多元的摄影实践的群展而言,是一个简洁的框架,并且与摄影展览通常情况下的那些复杂缠绕但又泛泛而谈的主题形成了反差。 >> Read more
2016.08.26 Fri, by


(中文) 十二生肖,十二个月,十二门徒,十二主神……十二无论对于东西方都是一个非常重要的数字。古代人们习惯通过数字12来表达一个完整周期,寓意着对过去的总结和未来的展望。 >> Read more
2016.05.06 Fri, by

Art Beijing 2016: Business as Usual, No Surprises Here

While perhaps satisfying the demands of experienced collectors for a few quality works, it also offers a chance for entry-level collectors and ordinary viewers. With public sculptures in the shape of Transformers, rhinoceroses, and such like, it is like any other tourist attraction—a place of entertainment for the public over the May Day break... >> Read more
2016.03.12 Sat, by

(中文) 贺勋在沪首次个展“农业迷幻”A+ Contemporary 亚洲当代艺术空间

(中文) A+ Contemporary 亚洲当代艺术空间荣幸地宣布,我们即将于2016年3月12日举行贺勋在沪的首次个展“农业迷幻”, >> Read more
2014.04.25 Fri, by

Zhan Chong: Distance

Antenna Space is pleased to present young artist Zhan Chong’s solo exhibition Distance on April 25, 2014. >> Read more
2013.06.06 Thu, by

DU Kun:Pulse

DU Kun:Pulse,2013.6.8-7.6, in Mizuma & One Gallery. >> Read more

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