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2019.11.24 Sun, by

Sarah Lucas at Redbrick Beijing: Impromptu Feminism

Legendary British artist Sara Lucas has come to China. A part of the Young British Artists generation, Lucas still maintains the spontaneous drive of that era in her work today. >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2018.11.05 Mon, by

Paula Rego
Cruel Stories for Curious Women

The pictures of stocky women in ballet dresses, engrossed in play, have almost become shorthand for Paula Rego’s pictures. But glance through any book on her and one immediately remarks the extraordinary diversity of her art… >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2018.03.20 Tue, by

A beast, a god, and a line
Para Site

Para Site is delighted to present A beast, a god, and a line, curated by Cosmin Costinas. >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2018.03.11 Sun, by

Secundino Hernández
“All is too much”
at CAC Malaga

As Groys notes in the opening passage of his essay, “On the New”, “We experience art history first of all as represented in our museums.” One might add, to be glib with Marx—and why not? —, secondly as farce. >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2017.11.05 Sun, by

The Dance of Icarus
Yuz Museum, Shanghai

“I imagined this flying figure, is he dancing, is he falling? The paintings are about movement, dancing between stumbling and flying… There is no land.” >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2017.03.14 Tue, by

Luc Tuymans in conversation with David Zwirner

(中文) 本文节选自图伊曼斯图录《Luc Tuymans in conversation with David Zwirner》,透过吕克·图伊曼斯与大卫·卓纳的对话,一览艺术家与画廊的深厚渊源。 >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2016.09.06 Tue, by

Michael Werner Gallery
New York

Michael Werner Gallery is pleased to announce Headspace, an exhibition of new paintings by Aaron Curry (b. 1972). This is the artist's first exhibition devoted to paintings in New York. >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2016.08.24 Wed, by

“Looping on Thin Ice”
Pearl Lam Galleries

Shanghai—Pearl Lam Galleries is delighted to present Looping on Thin Ice, >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2016.07.08 Fri, by

Leonardo Art, Science and Technology Lecture Series 2016 FROM SENSORS TO SENSATION: The “Sensory Turn” in Contemporary Art

While the role of new technologies has often been downplayed in many art historical accounts of sensory environments in the visual arts >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2015.08.25 Tue, by

‘Neo-Perception’: China’s New Generation of Women Artists—Pearl Lam Galleries

Shanghai—Pearl Lam Galleries is pleased to presentNeo-Perception, a group exhibition thatgathers the works of 24 young female Chinese contemporary artists. >> Read more

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