EX: 1/30/2012
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2016.11.30 Wed, by

Between Illusion and the Real

We are compelled to ask what it is that makes a once rich history constantly look back, restore and purify itself, so much that we can only observe and reflect on a single point on its temporal axis? >> Read more
Interviews, 2016.04.08 Fri, by

Nothing and No One:
An Interview with Georg Baselitz

One of the most influential artists of his generation, Baselitz was dismissed from art school after only two semesters for "gesellschaftspolitisch unreif" ("socio-political immaturity")... >> Read more
Interviews, 2015.08.24 Mon, by

Grain to Pixel: A Story of Photography in China

“Grain” to “pixel” describes an arc of time stretching back almost one hundred years and that marks a period in which photography entered China as a phenomenon and was transformed. >> Read more
Interviews, 2015.04.06 Mon, by

Join us: Media and Events Coordinator & Researcher

Ink Studio, a program of Beijing Liangyou Huayi, is an experimental art space and gallery in Beijing’s Caochangdi art district devoted to exhibiting and promoting the most important contemporary ink artists in China to international collectors, curators, critics, and institutions. >> Read more
Interviews, 2015.01.28 Wed, by

Zhang Lehua Q&A: The Interpreter Who Interrupts

(中文) 燃点对话张乐华:谈论其创作的初衷、理念及背后的故事...... >> Read more
Interviews, 2014.09.01 Mon, by

Ink Studio seeks Assistant Gallery Manager and Media Coordinator

Ink Studio is looking to recruit an Assistant Gallery Manager Ink Studio is looking to recruit a Media Coordinator >> Read more
Interviews, 2014.06.12 Thu, by

History in the Making II: Sketches for Iconic Paintings

Though the artistic creation of the era cannot help but converge, to a high degree, in terms of style or theme, this did not mean artists had no room for creativity. >> Read more
Interviews, 2014.05.03 Sat, by

Mo Yi – Illusory Memories

Mo Yi is a highly respected and recognized photographic artist. >> Read more
Interviews, 2013.12.06 Fri, by

From the Media to the Media

Just as the news reports on art, art also mediatizes our lives. For a certain segment of contemporary artists, the controversy over GMOs presents a rare opportunity to continue their long and antagonistic opposition to the State. >> Read more
Interviews, 2013.07.04 Thu, by

Qiu Jie: Solo Exhibition

Singapore, June 2013 – Art Plural Gallery is pleased to present the solo exhibition of Chinese artist Qiu Jie. Featuring 30 of his latest works, the exhibition will run from September 13 to October 26, 2013. >> Read more

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