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2015.08.27 Thu, by

Highly Prized Flowers by Zhang Zheyi and Chen Jiaye

In this exhibition, “Highly Prized Flowers” (Tan Hua)1, the two artists continue their earlier re-imagining and re-creation of the tradition of classical Chinese painting. >> Read more
2014.03.04 Tue, by

Highly Prized Flowers – by Zhang Zheyi and Chen Jiaye

Red Gate Gallery is proud to the announce the opening of Mirrored Flower, a show of works by Zhang Zheyi and Chen Jiaye.
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2021.06.03 Thu, by

(中文) 算法治理与象征性抵抗

他可能想不到自己对拟象取代现实的担忧,在若干年后被新一代的艺术家们反转,化为对社会现实“弱姿态”的象征性抵抗。 >> Read more
2016.09.26 Mon, by

Xu Gallery Inaugural Exhibtion

(中文) 2016年9月24日下午3时,“浮光时影”当代艺术展在上海言午画廊隆重开幕,本次展览由梁勤策展,参展艺术家有夏阳、李超、李山、卢征远、申凡、王劼音、王凯、薛松、张平、张哲溢、郑在东共11位当代知名艺术家。 >> Read more
2016.08.16 Tue, by

“In the Light of Shadow”
Xu Gallery

Hello, my eighteen! We met and gathered together in our memory. >> Read more
Think, 2014.01.30 Thu, by

Reining in Ink Art: Revivalism in the Year of the Serpent

Much as the Beijing winter has been very mild this year, overall, the art of the past year has also felt rather milder and more sentimental from previous years. Let us then explore the production and exhibition of this “old” contemporary art in the contemporary Chinese art world. >> Read more
Think, 2013.03.30 Sat, by

Altered Shan Shui States

Red Gate Gallery is pleased to present a new series of work by seven artists who will be bringing their own re-interpretation of Shan Shui under one roof for the first time. >> Read more