EX: 1/30/2012
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2016.07.08 Fri, by

Fang Lu: True Sense | Ou Jin: New Works

(中文) 我们荣幸地宣布,将于2016年6月9日推出艺术家方璐在博而励画廊的第二次个展——“无限感应” >> Read more
2013.10.28 Mon, by

Fang Lu Solo Exhibition – “Lost Seconds”

Boers-Li Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Fang Lu's solo exhibition "Lost Seconds" on October 26th, 2013. This new exhibition features her newest work Cinema and an earlier work from 2006, Bump 'n Grind. >> Read more
2017.11.16 Thu, by

Why Pan Yuliang?

Were it not for the list of artists and the brief introduction, “Pan Yuliang: A Journey to Silence” probably would have misled most into thinking it was a modern art show in a contemporary art institution. >> Read more
2016.12.13 Tue, by

A+ Contemporary “Re/sentiment” curated by Wu Jianru

A+ Contemporary is pleased to announce the opening of group exhibition “Re/sentiment” curated by Wu Jianru on December 17th, 2016. >> Read more
2014.12.11 Thu, by

(中文) 014 OCAT -皮埃尔·于贝尔奖入围展 ——熵之真相

OCAT上海馆荣幸宣布:“2014 OCAT-皮埃尔·于贝尔奖入围展”将于2014年12月19日开幕。获奖艺术家将获得奖金人民币十万元整,以鼓励青年艺术家在媒体艺术领域中的持续探索和发展。 >> Read more
2014.12.11 Thu, by
2014.09.02 Tue, by

My Generation

“My Generation: Young Chinese Artists” is New York-based critic, curator, writer and journalist Barbara Pollack’s well-chosen introduction to new Chinese art and artists. It's the first exhibition in the United States to exclusively showcase the work of the post-Reform and Opening (1978–79 onwards) generation... >> Read more
2014.04.05 Sat, by

Three Shadows First Experimental Image Open

As the title suggests, open exhibition refers to an indefinite theme, freedom to choose mediums for image, and no curators; artists participate freely for impromptu autonomous creation and presentation within a specified time and space, to highlight the non-mainstream and uncertainty. >> Read more
2013.11.30 Sat, by


(中文) 我们反对转基因食品,并不代表我们反对关于转基因技术的科学研究,相反,我们支持它继续在科学中被进行论证。这是不能混淆的两件事。 >> Read more
2013.11.15 Fri, by

An Early Winter Walk through 798

Exhibition highlights in 798 this week
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