EX: 1/30/2012
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2015.04.07 Tue, by

Zeng Hong: The Trembling Frame

Zeng Hong’s paintings are absent of stone, but irregular frames, as well as grids and color blocks segmented by horizontal and vertical lines do appear. >> Read more
2015.04.05 Sun, by

Zeng Hong -Gallery Yang

The works of Zeng Hong have been long since rooted in the particular politics and the process of industrialization in China. >> Read more
2018.12.23 Sun, by

Notes on “Quaderni Rossi”

Stepping into the exhibition, what I first noticed were two Chinese characters about a person’s height, printed in red, jumping out from the white background of the gallery. These characters provide the most distinctive visual cues in Zeng Hong’s solo exhibition “Quaderni Rossi”. >> Read more
2018.01.03 Wed, by

Hu Qingtai’s Solo Project
Gallery Yang

In this new project by Hu Qingtai at Gallery Yang’s Project Space, the artist tries to understand, capture, and describe the elusive force that is deeply hidden in the body and often emerges to make an attempt to control the limbs. There is only one work in this exhibition: A Force Spurring “Limbs” via “Head”. […] >> Read more
2016.09.15 Thu, by

Another Wave | 1st Dao Jiao New New Art Festival

(中文) 第一届道滘新艺术节,发起人范明正、项目总监李战豪与艺术总监李振华,邀请海内外知名艺术机构动量(MOMENTUM)创始总监、魏玛包豪斯大学 客座教授瑞秋•芮斯•沃洛荷博士与当代艺术调查局(ABI )一同策划“绘画与图像”、“装置与委托创作”、“新媒体建筑投影”与“放电影”4个单元,汇集来自17个国家,79位艺术家的作品,散布于道滘镇的艺文街区中。 >> Read more
2016.08.03 Wed, by


It originated from the infinite chains of cause and effect, and in the alternation of chaos and order it undergoes adouble transformation of energy, both physically and spiritually. >> Read more
2015.02.27 Fri, by

Handmade-Maospace -2015.3. 6-2015.04.22

Artists:Chen Yufan, Chen Yujun, Bai Yiluo, Ni Youyu, Zeng Hong, Chen Xi, Wang Yanling, Chen Luobing, Wang Ji, Li Qing >> Read more
2014.09.25 Thu, by


BBCT (I) is the very first of a series of exhibitions on an experimental art project put together by a group of young artists living in the Black Bridge Art Zone and its surrounding areas. >> Read more