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2017.11.27 Mon, by

Li Ran: Life of the Pilgrim, ShanghART Beijing

ShanghART Beijing is pleased to present Li Ran’s first solo exhibition at the gallery, “Life of the Pilgrim”, opening on 2nd December, 2017. This exhibition showcases the artist’s latest video, sculptures and painting works. The exhibition centers on the artist’s specific identity of Christians. The video work “Life of the Pilgrim”, which share the same […] >> Read more
2016.12.02 Fri, by

Act: Li Ran x Tao Hui

First initiated in 2008 by OCAT Shenzhen, “OCAT Performs” is a project held annually in the winter. The theme this year will be “Act”, with the artists Li Ran and Tao Hui invited to take part. >> Read more
2016.05.18 Wed, by

“Same Old Crowd”

Aike Dellarco is glad to announce the opening of its new space at West Bund in Shanghai with Li Ran's solo show. >> Read more
2015.03.06 Fri, by

Li Ran “Re-projecting: One or Many Roles”- OCAT Xi’an

Known for conflating video with performance, and for moving images installations that speak directly to the times, Li Ran captures the mood of his generation. >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2013.08.01 Thu, by

Video Artist Series: Li Ran

Video artist Li Ran on his work, "thinking" artists and transforming knowledge through collaboration.
>> Read more
Artist profiles, 2019.09.27 Fri, by

The Racing Will Continue, The Dancing Will Stay

(中文) 它们在繁华与寂寥、权力与规训、国家与个人的两极穿梭,不间断地继续着比赛,而这正是“比赛继续,舞台留下”的意义。 >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2017.02.09 Thu, by

Soil and Stones, Souls and Songs

This major traveling and transforming exhibition is based on several intertwined lines of tension and narratives found today in the realities, artistic and cultural production, and contemporary thought in the Asian sphere and beyond. >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2016.11.08 Tue, by

Pulse Reaction II — Discussionson Reality and Realism

Continuing in the model of Pulse Reaction I of providing a platform for the exchange of ideas between Chinese contemporary art practitioners, >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2016.11.02 Wed, by

You won’t be young forever

We all share the dream of being forever young, >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2016.08.23 Tue, by

Soil and Stones, Souls and Songs

It is constructed on a spectrum of art practices, new commissions, works from the Kadist collection, case studies curated by Yongwoo Lee, Qu Chang, and Simon Soon, and experiments on forms and processes addressing, directly or symbolically, several broad categories of issues. >> Read more

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