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2017.05.21 Sun, by

“High Tension: 8 Winners of the Marcel Duchamp Prize”, Red Brick Art Museum

May 28, 2017, “High Tension: 8 Winners of the Marcel Duchamp Prize”, will open at Red Brick Art Museum. A key event in this years Festival Croisements, organized by the French Embassy in China. The exhibition is curated by Alfred Pacquement, former director of the Musée national d’art moderne, Centre Pompidou, and assisted by Daphné […] >> Read more
2015.10.30 Fri, by

(中文) 《法国路易王朝珍藏展》 艺术家们挚爱的法国古董家具商携路易王朝古董来沪

(中文) 克雷默古董博物馆,早在1875年由克雷默一家在巴黎创建。 >> Read more
2013.10.26 Sat, by

FIAC Paris highlights

FIAC celebrates its 40th in Paris’ Grand Palais, its glass dome lending the fair a certain high-end je ne sais quoi. But not only the architecture was a step up from last week’s frieze art fair in London...
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Interviews, 2013.08.26 Mon, by

Seduction/Repulsion: Vincent Olinet

French artist Vincent Olinet in conversation about his recent solo exhibition at FOST Gallery in Singapore.
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访谈, 2013.05.17 Fri, by

French Connection — An Interview with Almine Rech

Almine Rech is one of the leading gallerists in Paris and Brussels, and had early on developed a strong taste for conceptual and minimalist art, including presenting James Turrell's first commercial show in Europe. Other important solo shows have included John McCracken, Richard Prince, Jeff Koons and now Liu Wei... >> Read more
访谈, 2012.12.14 Fri, by

Electric Fields:Surrealism and Beyond-La Collection du Centre Pompidou

This exhibition is organized by the Power Station of Art in collaboration with the Pompidou Centre. It consists of six chapters, guided by a series of surrealist masterpieces for each of the chapters. >> Read more
访谈, 2020.07.26 Sun, by

Mark Ryden: “Anima Animals”

Kasmin and Perrotin are delighted to announce a jointly organized exhibition of new works by American painter Mark Ryden (b. 1963, United States). Featuring approximately forty works from the artist’s latest series, Anima Animals, the exhibition will be on view at Perrotin’s Shanghai gallery from July 3, 2020. This also marks the artist’s first solo show in China. >> Read more
Think, 2020.07.05 Sun, by


(中文) 近10年来的中国当代艺术展览的空间观念主要呈现以下几方面的趋向,主要表现可以概括为:绘画作品展陈的空间化和装置化;作品与场所的意义叠加,独立空间的兴起;扩展场域的展览:作品和展览的跨媒介性与在地性;走向虚拟空间。 >> Read more
Interviews, 2020.07.04 Sat, by

Alex Katz interview

Now in his 9th decade, Alex Katz is one of the greatest living artists. Yet Katz remains in a category of his own. We spoke with Katz by telephone about influences, recent shows and the key model for his entire oeuvre, his wife and muse of 60 years, Ada. >> Read more
Interviews, 2020.01.30 Thu, by

Martial Raysse

The HdM gallery is currently hosting an exhibition of French artist Martial Raysses’s works on paper. Born in 1936 in a ceramicist family, Raysse is perhaps one of the most important and well-known artist of the contemporary art French scene. >> Read more

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