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2014.06.25 Wed, by

Around sound art festival 2014-soundpocket

Around sound art festival 2014 – Japan & Hong Kong Around is an invitation to listening. >> Read more
2014.06.25 Wed, by


soundpocket is a registered charitable organization in Hong Kong, founded in 2008 as a direct response to the increasing interest of sound art in Hong Kong, the demand for public awareness and education in the sense of hearing and deep listening, and the need for cultural sensitivity in creative practices. As a promoter, educator, facilitator, […] >> Read more
2013.10.21 Mon, by

soundpocket Benefit—26th Oct, 2013

Since its founding in 2008, soundpocket has laid the foundation for the development of sound art in Hong Kong. Artists they supported and have worked with include Akio Suzuki (JP), Yan Jun (CN), Mike Cooper (UK), Donna Ong (SG), Tang Kwok-hin (HK), Cedric Maridet (HK), Phoebe Hui (HK), and many more. >> Read more
2019.01.09 Wed, by

Booked: Tai Kwun Contemporary’s Hong Kong Art Book Fair

The inaugural “Booked: Tai Kwun Contemporary’s Hong Kong Art Book Fair” will take place on 11-13 January 2019. The art book fair will be hosted within Tai Kwun’s museum-standard galleries, designed by Herzog & de Meuron, situated within the restored Central Police Station compound in the heart of Hong Kong’s Central district. As a landmark revitalisation project, Tai Kwun – Centre for Heritage and Arts, has welcomed over one million visitors since opening in May 2018. >> Read more
2017.02.27 Mon, by

Ari Benjamin Meyers
Spring Workshop

Spring Workshop announces Ari Benjamin Meyers to bring music to arts organizations across Hong Kong >> Read more
2015.09.18 Fri, by

Around Sound Art Festival 2015

presented by soundpocket18.11 - 18.12.2015curated by Helen Homan Wu (US/ HK) and Aki Onda (JP/ US)@ Osage Gallery, Karin Weber Gallery, School of Creative Media, >> Read more
2015.06.20 Sat, by

CALL FOR APPLICATION: Workshops for Emerging Professionals during Para Site’s International Conference 2015

A new educational programme that includes a series of closed-door workshops, seminars, and site-visits, with a group of emerging curators, writers, critics, researchers, and other arts professionals... >> Read more
2015.06.16 Tue, by

Call for Application – Artists’ Support Program 2015-2016

We began offering direct support to artists and their projects in 2010. By direct support, we mean a cash stipend distributed to the artist on a monthly basis. >> Read more
2014.06.26 Thu, by

Soundpocket: Around Sound Art Festival

Around is an invitation to listening. The festival gathers international and Hong Kong artists for making installations, live performances, and open dialogues. Site-specific works are presented at places that are not conventionally used for art exhibitions. >> Read more