EX: 1/30/2012
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2018.12.05 Wed, by

Action or Performance

(中文) 倘若今天还能探讨美学效果而不被人嗤之以鼻,我们应从何种角度去思考艺术家的创作或创造?康德很久以前就提示过我们,任何艺术都不如一场战争或一场自然灾害那样令人震撼。战争作为人类各种暴力的集中爆发,而自然灾害是超越人类尺度的狂暴力量,两者都会造成人类难以承受的肉体和精神创伤。 >> Read more
2017.05.16 Tue, by

Open Call for Operation PRD: All the Way South Research Fund

As a unique case in the urbanization process of the PRD, the Museum designates its programming according to the history and context of the region, and devotes its programming to historicizing, presenting, and projecting the PRD’s artistic practice in critical relation to globalized mechanisms of cultural production and distribution. >> Read more
2017.04.21 Fri, by

Chronus Art Center is pleased to present the talk “Highway toHell on Valentine’s Day: Performance, Media and Mummification”.

This event is organized in conjunction with the nomination exhibition of Three Rooms currently on view at Chronus Art Center. >> Read more
2016.09.13 Tue, by

Crowdfunding for The Unappropriated Recipes

Para Site is pleased to present the crowd-funding campaign for The Unappropriated Recipes, a cookbook dedicated to Para Site’s local and international collaborators and supporters, our love for food, and our home for 20 years – Hong Kong. >> Read more
2016.07.22 Fri, by

BIG TAIL ELEPHANTS: One Hour, No Room, Five Shows

The curators’ focus on Big Tail Elephant’s role in the art world in Guangdong, and indeed the rest of China, has everything to do with the particular regional specificity of the Pearl River Delta. >> Read more
2016.06.23 Thu, by

Goethe Open Space 2016 – Moving Institutions – Round4

The “Cultural Palace: Floating Theater” is intended to achieve the handling of internal contradictions and co-construction of the self-organization in an institutional context, >> Read more
2016.05.02 Mon, by

(中文) 三角洲行动之大尾象:一小时,没空间,五回展 – 时代美术馆

(中文) 在近三十年轰轰烈烈的中国“前卫”、“实验”、“当代”艺术运动中, >> Read more
2016.04.22 Fri, by

Goethe Open Space2016,Moving Institutions ,Round2

“The Gallery” is a utopian virtual gallery created by the artist Wang Xin, >> Read more
2016.04.21 Thu, by

Painting as an Act of Abandonment

The impact of these mysterious, quixotic paintings in the large gallery seems strangely convulsive, yet it is held intact by a curious intelligence. >> Read more
2016.01.12 Tue, by

Beyond Action – KCCA

KCCA is pleased to present Beyond Action, a curatorial project by Cecilia Freschini, Jonas Stampe and Chen Yunbing, which comes in two parts: an accurate selection of contemporary Chinese performance art, accompanied by a series of live actions. >> Read more

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