EX: 1/30/2012
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2011.12.07 Wed, by

All Yesterday’s Parties:Strong Sales and Strong Drinks at Art Basel Miami Beach

If you want a picture of the future of art fairs, imagine a boot stomping a human face (especially about the eyes)—forever. It might seem a bit much to bring up Orwell in relation to Art Basel Miami Beach, but with the fair’s recent acquisition of Art HK, the Swiss company has moved from the institutional to the despotic. >> Read more
Interviews, 2018.04.25 Wed, by

Looking Back at the Pictures Generation with Matt Mullican

Pictures Generation artist, Matt Mullican, renowned for his work with signs and flags and pioneering hypnosis performances, exhibited in China for the first time during West Bund Art & Design last November, with a special presentation of his flag works. >> Read more
Interviews, 2017.05.26 Fri, by


A prejudice I wasn’t able to overcome: I find the title of the Biennale unbearable. It literally translates as “Go Art Go” (okay, also “Long Live Art”, but still). >> Read more
Interviews, 2017.04.21 Fri, by


Reports on the art market are suddenly very hip. The art market is still such a tiny little thing compared with other markets, like pork bellies or copper, but a sufficient number of investment bank clients are involved in it to make the analysis worthwhile. The trouble is that most reports are rubbish, with a few exceptions. >> Read more
Interviews, 2015.07.10 Fri, by

Dreams of the Old Country – Phantoms of Early Chinese Photography

Two small but exquisite exhibitions, “At China: Early Photography And Photographic Technique” and “Old Photos from the Palace Museum's Permanent Collection”, both featuring outstanding spatial presentation and content framework. >> Read more
Think, 2015.04.08 Wed, by

Lady Liberty Loses the Lead

He painted not only one, but four versions of “Liberty leading the people”. Zeng Fanzhi’s “Louvre Project” throws out a big hook that I can neither swallow nor spit out again. So many questions: Why four versions? Why has Lady Liberty become a statue... >> Read more
Think, 2014.07.07 Mon, by

A Thousand Plateaus Art Space

A Thousand Plateaus Art Space is an institution for Chinese contemporary art located in Chengdu, China, which mainly researches, presents and promotes the high-calibre artworks related to Chinese contemporary art, as well as experimental projects. >> Read more
Think, 2013.10.24 Thu, by

FILTER THE PUBLIC:SWFC 5th Anniversary Art Project

We are pleased to announce "FILTER THE PUBLIC" as the large-scale art project to commemorate the SWFC 5th Anniversary. >> Read more
艺术家档案, 2012.12.07 Fri, by

Ashes to Ashes:
Ground Control to Major Zhang

Chris Moore surveys Zhang Huan's art since the artist returned to China, with particular focus on the Ash Paintings exhibited at White Cube in London this summer, along with his major installations.... >> Read more