EX: 1/30/2012
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2021.02.18 Thu, by

Thinh Nguyen’s American Road

by Thinh Nguyen Publication was made possible with the support of the Nguyen Art Foundation In Ran Dian’s continuing series on going on a walk, we join artist Thinh Nguyen on his current journey across America from Los Angeles to New York, though it involves more driving than walking. We will follow Thinh as he […] >> Read more
2019.05.20 Mon, by

American Master. Frank Stella: Polish Villages
Lévy Gorvy

Hong Kong—Lévy Gorvy is pleased to announce American Master. >> Read more
2018.05.17 Thu, by

‘America My Hometown’
Blain Southern, London

America My Hometown traces Edward Kienholz’s formative years (1954-1967), showing an artist coming to terms with both his unique vision and the social climate of the US throughout this tumultuous era. The work is direct and raw in its execution, as well as unsparingly critical of the political problems of twentieth-century America. >> Read more
2017.11.02 Thu, by

An American Perspective
Red Brick Art Museum, Beijing

Red Brick Art Museum is proud to announce the opening of “Andres Serrano: An American Perspective,” the artist’s first solo show in China. The exhibition was curated by Yan Shijie, with assistance from Sun Wenjie. The exhibition will open on November 4, 2017 and run through February 25, 2018. The exhibition takes an American perspective, […] >> Read more
2016.05.17 Tue, by

Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA)

The Museum of Chinese in America is dedicated to preserving and presenting the history, heritage, culture and diverse experiences of people of Chinese descent in the United States. >> Read more
2015.09.23 Wed, by

The Country Life – American Artist Brian Michael Reed Exhibition in Shanghai – Bao Shan Museum

American Artist Brian Michael Reed will debutJourney Into the Red Mist, his newest soloexhibition series created in partnership with the Shanghai Baoshan Folk Arts Museum,which continues his investigatory theme of, What does the lotus mean? >> Read more
2015.07.16 Thu, by

Art Basel appoints Noah Horowitz as Director Americas

Art Basel announced today that Noah Horowitz has been appointed to the new position of Director Americas for Art Basel, starting in August 2015. >> Read more
2014.07.08 Tue, by

American Myth – Photograph by Hannes Schmid

Hannes Schmid’s most famous subject, the Marlboro and American Cowboy is the overarching topic for the category VISIONS. >> Read more
2014.01.02 Thu, by

Beijing American Center

The Beijing American Center (BAC) is the place for cultural activities, educational resources, and offices which coordinate and support the cultural and educational exchanges between China and the United States. >> Read more
2014.01.02 Thu, by

An Exhibition Opening/Lecture featuring American Artist & Paralympic Gold Medalist:Gregory Burns

在竞技体育和艺术体验之间是否有一种关联?美国运动员和艺术家格雷格-波恩即将于2014年1月13日在北京美国中心的个人绘画展开幕式上探讨这个话题。 >> Read more

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