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  EX: 1/30/2012
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2014.06.07 Sat, by

Arrow Factory

Arrow Factory is an independently run alternative art space in Beijing that is located in a small hutong alley in the city center. Arrow Factory reclaims an existing storefront and transforms it into a space for site-specific installations and projects that are designed to be viewed from the street 24 hours a day, 7 days […] >> Read more
2017.03.31 Fri, by Ann

You won’t be young forever

The group exhibition “You won’t be young forever” curated by Biljana Ciric last November during the Shanghai Biennale did not yield any surprises. She has always insisted on institutional critique as her modus operandi, and now a new batch of artists who haven't yet entered the mainstream has appeared. >> Read more
2016.11.16 Wed, by Ran Dian

IAAC Award 2016

We are delighted to announce that our contributor Yao Mengxi received the 2nd prize in this year's International Awards for Art Criticism for her review of He Chi's solo installation "Next Door" at Arrow Factory, Beijing. >> Read more
2016.09.30 Fri, by Yao Mengxi

Display and Escape

(中文) 箭厂空间的绿墙并不是项目的全部,它转化艺术家的身体感受,成为可见的输出。绿墙只是技术手段,而不是作品完整的形态。 >> Read more
2016.07.12 Tue, by Diane Wong

“Sensual Love of the Fingertips”

The glass doors of Arrow Factory are pitch black. A press release posted on the wall lets viewers know that the only way for them to see the exhibit is through a waist-high opening to the right whose size makes it impossible for more than one person to look at a time. >> Read more
2014.07.24 Thu, by

Li Jinghu Solo Exhibition Time is Money

‘Time is Money’ is the second installment of a unique back-to-back exhibition series with Guangdong artist Li Jinghu. The exhibition brings together two newly commissioned works, offering a poetic rumination on society, industry, and capitalism - of the boundaries erected that separate humanity from nature. >> Read more
2014.06.07 Sat, by

Go Jian Quest – Wei-Li Yeh, Li Mo and Kong

Arrow Factory is proud to announce a new installation by Taipei-based artist Wei-Li Yeh and Beijing-based architects Li Mo and Kong. >> Read more
2014.05.09 Fri, by Iona Whittaker

In Pictures: Beijing Exhibition Highlights

Exhibition highlights from Beijing this week. >> Read more
2014.03.26 Wed, by

He An Solo Exhibition: “It’s Forever Not”

Magician Space is delighted to present its third solo exhibition ‘It’s Forever Not’ with Beijing-based artist He An in a continuation of a dialogue with Magician Space involving a series of architecture-related installations. >> Read more
2013.11.22 Fri, by Wang Kaimei

Telling Signs: A Nine Square-Meter Museum

The project was called “Nine Square-Meter Museum”, and the Consulate’s drawing room became the exhibition space. The exhibition lasted just one day in order to impart a sense of urgency, and also begged the question, “What possibilities can art bring in nine square-meters and twenty-four hours?” >> Read more

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