EX: 1/30/2012
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Event and Spirit-Image: Bodily Dismemberment in the East and West and the Logic Surrounding “Consecration”

Ancient forms of punishment that involve bodily dismemberment were considered “inhumane” and thus abolished. In comparison, in the effort to challenge norms regulating common conceptions of humanity, many contemporary artworks often take up “dehumanizing” positions >> Read more
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A beast, a god, and a line
Para Site

Para Site is delighted to present A beast, a god, and a line, curated by Cosmin Costinas. >> Read more
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No Return: Matthew Barney’s River of Fundament

"River of Fundament", an operatic, five-hour-long film created by Matthew Barney in 2014, was presented in Asia for the first time last September; it is known in translation as Chongsheng zhi He— literally “River of Rebirth­ ­—which is believed to be the film's subject. >> Read more
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A Nomadic Life – Francesco Clemente in China

Springs Center of Art is pleased to present the solo exhibition of internationally renowned contemporary artist Francesco Clemente, “A Nomadic life – Francesco Clemente in China”. >> Read more
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Kasalanan (Sins) By Anton Mallari

Richard Koh Fine Art (RKFA) is pleased to present Kasalanan (Sins) by Anton Mallari at Lot No. 2F-3, Bangsar Village II, Jalan Telawi 1, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 15 -29 June 2016. >> Read more
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Laurent Grasso ‘Élysée

Edouard Malingue Gallery is thrilled to announce Laurent Grasso’s major solo exhibition ‘Élysée’. >> Read more
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Divine Ruse – Jin Shan – BANK

BANK is honored to present Divine Ruse, Jin Shan’s much-anticipated first solo exhibition at BANK as well as his first solo exhibition in China since 2009. >> Read more
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a Story of a Humble Guangzhou Artist

I am not going to tell you the truth anymore. It would take too long and maybe it will change anyway. As Dr Yu Tsun comments “Having read various interviews and articles on Zheng, I have some idea ... but no one has really got to grips with why he is an artist.” >> Read more
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Ray Art Center

Established in 2008, Ray Art Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to photo-based art. Its mission is threefold:to raise public awareness and understanding about photography and contemporary visual culture, to support historical research into photography in China and to sponsor contemporary photographers... >> Read more
艺术世界, 2014.01.23 Thu, by

The City of Man and the City of God

Feuerbach said that the city of man reflects the city of God—yet to what degree this earthly realm reflects the city of God is an easily overlooked but essential question. By fooling viewers with humorous tricks, the artist also reminds them of the essence of faith, the sublime and the sense of the sacred... >> Read more

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