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2018.04.18 Wed, by

Everything & Nothing
Yuz Museum, Shanghai

Yuz Museum Shanghai presents “Everything & Nothing,” Random International’s firstsolo exhibition in Asia. >> Read more
2016.10.09 Sun, by

“Why are we doing what we are doing?”

“我们为什么在做我们正在做的事?”三潴画廊近期的摄影展这样问道,这可以被视作是质疑摄影存在性基础的一种缩影。然而,诚如展览描述所言,这对于一次关注非常多元的摄影实践的群展而言,是一个简洁的框架,并且与摄影展览通常情况下的那些复杂缠绕但又泛泛而谈的主题形成了反差。 >> Read more
Interviews, 2016.04.08 Fri, by

Nothing and No One:
An Interview with Georg Baselitz

One of the most influential artists of his generation, Baselitz was dismissed from art school after only two semesters for "gesellschaftspolitisch unreif" ("socio-political immaturity")... >> Read more
Interviews, 2015.09.30 Wed, by

(中文) 宋冬将于香港举行双空间个展“草图”|10月7日晚6时同步开幕

(中文) 继宋冬于2013年在纽约举办佩斯双空间个展后,今年秋天将于香港再次举行双空间个展“草图”。 >> Read more
Interviews, 2015.04.29 Wed, by

Works on Paper III

For the MPA-B Month of Performance Art Berlin 2015, MOMENTUM reprises its month-long program of Performance Sundays entitled WORKS ON PAPER. WORKS ON PAPER III inverts classic assumptions of paper as a medium, inviting performance artists to approach paper not as a static blank canvas, but as a dynamic source of conceptual and performative possibility. >> Read more
Interviews, 2014.11.18 Tue, by

Winners of the 2014 CCAA Contemporary Chinese Art Award Announced

On November 14, the winners of the 2014 Contemporary Chinese Art Award (CCAA) were announced at the Central Academy of Fine Arts....
>> Read more
Interviews, 2014.09.23 Tue, by

Ugo Rondinone: “Breathe, Walk, Die”

Each of the clowns is named after a verb—wake, touch, shit, etc.— titles that together form a simplified lexicon of existence. Plenty of art historical references can be thrown at this show—light art, for one, or Tino Sehgal-style HR management—but the crux is an emphasis on just being. “Breathe, Walk, Die,” Rondinone says, is “just a very basic circle of life.” >> Read more
Interviews, 2013.02.08 Fri, by

News: China auction sales halve, bored by Song Dong, Xu Bing at Oxford

New York Times's Roberta Smith on Song Dong at Pace | Xu Bing at Oxford's Ashmoleon Museum | Sales halve at China's leading auction houses >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2020.09.01 Tue, by

Show and Tell: Cao Yu’s Gendered Embodiment

Minimalist, conceptual, and deliberately provocative, Cao’s work reflects upon and exploits the physicality of her materials, from the conventional – marble, stretched linen and canvas – to unexpected, even transgressive, substances including the artist’s own hair, breastmilk and urine, and their various significations. >> Read more
访谈, 2020.06.16 Tue, by

Simon Mordant
Contemporary Collector, Modern Philanthropist

Simon Mordant is one of Australia’s most prolific art collectors and philanthropists. As chair of Australia’s Museum of Contemporary Art and as Australia’s past Venice Biennale Pavilion Commissioner, Mordant has been one of the major forces driving modernization of Australia’s visual arts scene. >> Read more

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