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2020.01.15 Wed, by

Gallery Weekend Kuala Lumpur 2019

The breadth of Malaysia’s small but energetic art scene took center stage last November for the fourth edition of Gallery Weekend Kuala Lumpur. >> Read more
2017.03.15 Wed, by

Interview with Thomas Eller, Founder of Beijing Gallery Weekend

Interview with Thomas Eller, Founder of Beijing Gallery Weekend >> Read more
2017.03.09 Thu, by

Gallery Weekend Beijing|Urs Meile Beijing|Cheng Ran: NEOCLASSICAL

(中文) 新古典是程然特意为“2017画廊周北京”而创造的一场演出,将于麦勒画廊首次上演。 >> Read more
2016.12.14 Wed, by

Kuala Lumpur’s first Gallery Weekend: some Observations

Like your average snobby Singaporean, my first thought on hearing of KL’s inaugural gallery weekend (misheard as a gallery "week") was: “Really? Are there enough galleries?” >> Read more
2016.11.26 Sat, by

Gallery Weekend Kuala Lumpur: Q&A with Shalini Ganendra

Ran Dian: How did the idea of a Gallery Weekend for Kuala Lumpur (GW-KL) come up? I actually think Gallery Weekends are a great idea—especially for cities without a renowned biennale, or a major art fair; it’s a focal, event-based period when regional or even international attention can be trained on a particular locale. And […] >> Read more
2014.05.09 Fri, by

Berlin Gallery Weekend 2014

It's not really a weekend. Because of May Day, it's already 4 days anyway but people keep stretching it out and frankly now the "weekend" is at least 10 days. And there was such a lot to see. And there was such a lot I wish I hadn't seen too.
>> Read more
2013.04.27 Sat, by

Berlin Gallery Weekend

Berlin Gallery Weekend is a three-day festival of gallery hopping. It is an art fair without the stuffy trade-fair halls and an art treasure hunt for anyone who loves exploring Berlin. Recommendation: buy, hire or steal a bike (all three options are possible in Berlin, even encouraged). >> Read more
2018.09.01 Sat, by

Graffiti Exhibition
Tabula Rasa Gallery

Tabula Rasa Gallery is pleased to present group exhibition: Aberrant Decoding on September 1, 2018. >> Read more
2015.02.22 Sun, by

kunst.licht Gallery Berlin – “What a wonderful world”

The gallery is the first in Berlin to specialize in Chinese / Asian as well as Western photography. >> Read more
2020.09.03 Thu, by

Takashi Murakami:“Michel Majerus Estate”

The Michel Majerus Estate is delighted to present Takashi Murakami: Michel Majerus Superflat, curated by Tobias Berger. >> Read more

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