EX: 1/30/2012
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2013.10.04 Fri, by


Simon Lee Gallery is proud to present our first exhibition in the Hong Kong Gallery of work by the influential German artist Hans-Peter Feldmann. >> Read more
2018.05.17 Thu, by

Simon Lee Gallery, New York

Simon Lee Gallery New York is pleased to present Towards Infinity: 1965-1980, >> Read more
2018.02.15 Thu, by

303 Gallery, New York

303 Gallery was first established by owner and director Lisa Spellman in 1984 at 303 Park Avenue South. In addition to its address, the gallery name also references Alfred Stieglitz's "Intimate Gallery" artists-collaborative located in Room 303 of the Anderson Galleries building. Spellman's 303 Gallery moved to the East Village in 1986. >> Read more
2017.01.25 Wed, by

11th Benesse Prize winner announced

Pannaphan Yodmanee wins 11th Benesse Prize, Zulkifle Mahmod awarded Soichiro Fukutake Prize >> Read more
2015.04.25 Sat, by

Art Brussels 2015

Brussels has become one of the key centers of the European art scene, for both artists and galleries (Belgium has the most collectors per population of any country—also convenient). Some talk of it usurping Berlin... >> Read more
2014.04.15 Tue, by

The Visible Institution: the Struggle of Curation, “Stance” and Intellectualizing

The second iteration of the CAFAM Biennale focus squarely on the importance of curatorship. This show invited top graduates in curatorial studies from six art schools around the world as the curators... >> Read more
2014.03.25 Tue, by

KAUFMAN–Chen Zhou Solo Exhibition

[Press Release] AIKE-DELLARCO is pleased to announce Chen Zhou’s solo exhibition “Andy Kaufman”, opening on March 29 and on view until May 15. The title of this exhibition was inspired by Andy Kaufman, one of the brightest American stars of the 1970s. Kaufman was born in 1949, and died of lung cancer in 1984 – […] >> Read more
2013.11.12 Tue, by

Johnen Galerie

Stephan Balkenhol, David Claerbout, Martin Creed, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Ryan Gander, Dan Graham, Candida Höfer, Martin Honert, Yoshimoto Nara, Roman Ondák, Anri Sala, Wilhelm Sasnal, Tino Sehgal, Jeff Wall, Liu Ye >> Read more
2013.10.26 Sat, by

FIAC Paris highlights

FIAC celebrates its 40th in Paris’ Grand Palais, its glass dome lending the fair a certain high-end je ne sais quoi. But not only the architecture was a step up from last week’s frieze art fair in London...
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