EX: 1/30/2012
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2013.04.27 Sat, by

Gao Xiaowu•Joyce Ho Joint-Exhibition

We are delighted to present the "Gao Xiaowu·Joyce Ho Joint-Exhibition". >> Read more
2017.03.22 Wed, by

Art Basel Hong Kong 2017 opens

A crowded Art Basel Hong Kong opened today, following the inaugural Gallery Weekend Beijing and numerous private museum events in Shanghai, including Yuz Museum and K11. It seems Hong Kong is expanding to the Mainland. >> Read more
2015.10.29 Thu, by

Community Hospital

The organizers of “Community Hospital” approached the exhibition with the rigor of a medical practitioner. >> Read more
2015.08.07 Fri, by

Art Exhibition : Community Hospital – WhyWhyArt

This is the first exhibition organised by WhyWhyArt in this exciting new art space on Yu Yuan Lu. The participating international and local artists will be exhibiting works that reflect on philosophical, personal and social issues. Where art raises awareness, can be cathartic or of any other use, or is even the cause. >> Read more
2013.12.11 Wed, by

MOMENTUM presents Thresholds I TRAFO

THRESHOLDS is a cooperation between MOMENTUM, the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, and TRAFO Center for Contemporary Art. This second edition includes an Artist Residency Exchange and additional video works from the MOMENTUM and .CHB programs. >> Read more
2017.11.03 Fri, by

TKG+ at West Bund Art & Design 2017

Founded in Taipei in 2009, TKG+ thrives on its mission to promote and support the most interesting and significant contemporary art from the region. The gallery works with emerging artists and privileges experimentation in art across different mediums, from video and photography to installation and new media. As its name suggests, TKG+ believes in the exponential growth and possibility of art in the 21st century. >> Read more
2017.02.21 Tue, by

Everything You Need To Know About The FY Foundation: An Exhibition

Curated by Biljana Ciric Invited artists/hosts: Joyce Ho, Lee Kit and Li Liao With works by Liam Gillick, Tracey Emin, Danh Vo, Guo Xi, Zhang Jianling, Yang Xinguang and among others Exhibition opening: March 19, 2017 3:00pm -5:00pm Curator tour at opening: 3:30pm SZ x GZ Art Tour Date: March 24 More info for Tour, […] >> Read more
2017.02.06 Mon, by

Encounters to present 17 ambitious large-scale projects – including 12 new works – by leading artists from across Asia and beyond

Art Basel in Hong Kong's widely acclaimed Encounters sector – a unique platform dedicated to presenting large-scale sculptural installations that transcend the traditional art fair booth …… >> Read more
2015.02.19 Thu, by

Testimony of Food: Ideas and Food

The Testimony of Food: Ideas and Food returns to the true meaning of food at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum in February. >> Read more
2013.11.06 Wed, by

Everyday Life: 2013 Asian Art Biennial

The overarching theme of the 2013 Asian Art Biennial is Everyday Life. It calls for a “return to everyday life” and explores the creative trend with Asian arts’ focus on everyday issues. >> Read more

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