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History & Theory, 2014.08.20 Wed, by

The Crude Matter of History: LATENT SPACES at Haw Par Villa, Singapore

The exterior of this former theme park is a chromatic nightmare. A monstrous fabricated rock terrain, the geological terror fortifies the premises in a throbbing sprawl of blood red and sickly yellow. >> Read more
History & Theory, 2016.08.23 Tue, by

“O Dear What Can The Matter Be”
Yeo Workshop

Yeo Workshop is delighted to present ‘O Dear What Can the Matter Be’, the first solo exhibition of Singaporean artist Stephanie Jane Burt. >> Read more
History & Theory, 2015.09.08 Tue, by

Para Site presents A Luxury We Cannot Afford

An essay reflecting on the formation, development, and paradoxes of ideology in Singapore as a statist “capitalist democracy”. >> Read more
History & Theory, 2015.01.04 Sun, by

Singapore in review: 2014

A look back at art in Singapore in 2014. >> Read more
History & Theory, 2019.09.02 Mon, by

Jeppe Hein
303 Gallery

303 Gallery is pleased to announce "I AM WITH YOU," our fourth exhibition of new work by Jeppe Hein. >> Read more
History & Theory, 2016.05.05 Thu, by

Japan-Taiwan: Cross-Cultural Yearnings at Aura Gallery

In the 1980s, photographers Juan I-Jong and Suda Issei traveled to the other’s country in search of fresh photographic subjects. >> Read more
History & Theory, 2015.07.04 Sat, by

Duo Solo Exhibition: Ho Sin Tung—Icarus Shrugged | Agi Chen Yi-Chieh—Encoded Islands

Hanart is proud to present this special duo solo exhibition event featuring the works of two exceptional young artists: HO Sing Tung (Hong Kong) and Agi CHEN Yi-Chieh (Taiwan). >> Read more
History & Theory, 2015.04.10 Fri, by

Time_Art_Impact Dialogue #11

MOMENTUM Berlin and Minsheng Art Museum Shanghai are proud to present the collaborative project: Time_Art_Impact, a year-long education program of dialogues between media artists from the MOMENTUM Collection and key figures from the Shanghai art scene. >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2015.03.05 Thu, by

Cui Xiuwen: a profile in time and space

One only has to look up at the Shanghai “Boogie Woogie” that agitates in fits outside and in myriad renewed metropolises throughout China, as much as anywhere else. Cui’s response is not to compete but to measure, not to define but to explicate, to process, to seek a rebirth. >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2014.02.25 Tue, by

Yu Likwai: It’s A Bright Guilty World

Pékin Fine Arts is pleased to present “Yu Likwai: It's A Bright Guilty World”. This is the artist’s 1st solo exhibit in Beijing, and a continuation of a project started and exhibited by M+ Museum last year in Hong Kong. >> Read more

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