EX: 1/30/2012
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2018.05.17 Thu, by

Zheng Zhou
Edouard Malingue Gallery

2014 was a special year for the artist Zheng Zhou. >> Read more
2017.08.28 Mon, by

‘Celestial Phenomena’
Edouard Malingue Gallery, Shanghai

Delineated contours, a subconscious blur of decipherable imagery and extraneouselements >> Read more
2016.03.10 Thu, by

OCAT Shenzhen Announces Exhibition Line-Up for 2016

Coming on the heels of “Adrift”, a group exhibition dealing with the topic of “migration,” OCAT Shenzhen will present a large group exhibition “Digging a Hole in China”, curated by Venus Lau, the new artistic director at the institution. >> Read more
2014.01.09 Thu, by

Guanshan Gathering——Works by Zheng Shengtian and Wang Dongling

This collaboration between the influential scholar, curator and artist Zheng Shengtian and the highly regarded calligrapher Wang Donglin is the first time that they have worked together although they have formed close ties through their long-standing affiliation with the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou. >> Read more
2013.07.10 Wed, by

Guan Shan Gathering – Works by Zheng Shengtian and Wang Dongling

Chambers Fine Art is pleased to announce the opening of Guan Shan Gathering: Works by Zheng Shengtian and Wang Dongling. >> Read more
2019.11.30 Sat, by

Zheng Bo at NYU Shanghai: Eco-Socialist Garden

In 2019, Zheng Bo once again introduced the "workshop" into his exhibition Goldenrod held at the Institute of Contemporary Arts at New York University in Shanghai. “Eco-Socialist Garden” is a project that includes workshops, architectural models, and printed material. Zheng Bo invited a group of volunteers from different professional fields and divided them into two groups. >> Read more
2019.10.09 Wed, by

Zheng Bo: Goldenrod

Goldenrod by ZHENG Bo opens as the inaugural exhibition at the new ICA at NYU Shanghai >> Read more
2019.03.23 Sat, by

Sans Soleil
Edouard Malingue Gallery

If the task of the classical painter is descriptive persuasion, >> Read more
2018.09.16 Sun, by

Duan Zhengqu
Hello, Dusk!
Magician Space

Magician Space is very pleased to present its inaugural solo exhibition with artist Duan Zhengqu. >> Read more
2018.09.01 Sat, by

Yang Zhenzhong
Surveillance and Panorama
Tang Contemporary Art

Tang Contemporary Art is proud to announce the opening of Yang Zhenzhong's solo exhibition “Surveillance and Panorama”on September 1, 2018, in the first space of Beijing. >> Read more

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