EX: 1/30/2012
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Interviews, 2013.11.07 Thu, by

Archaeology of Sculpture: Marc Quinn Interview

What is really interesting about art is how, with a piece of meat painted by Rembrandt in the 17th century and then painted by me now, the subject matter hasn’t changed, only how you look at it.
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Interviews, 2013.11.01 Fri, by

Marc Quinn: Held by Desire

In this exhibition Quinn explores how desire shapes our universe and affects man's relationship with nature. Investigating the boundaries between art, nature and the 'man-made', Quinn asks us to re-examine the world that surrounds us by taking a closer look at its raw and seemingly mystical elements. >> Read more
Think, 2013.01.06 Sun, by

Vortex #2 Marc Quinn

themes and memes in contemporary iconography Our next vortex is a human iris, painted by Marc Quinn, with super-photorealist precision. Quinn is most famous for his self-portrait bust composed of his own frozen blood (“Self” 2006). Here the gaze of the viewer is directly returned. It is a classic (psychological) vortex – threatening and dizzying […] >> Read more
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“The Tides of the Century” at the Ocean Flower Island Museum

More than 140 works of diversified cultural backgrounds, made by over 80 artists from 23 countries including Greece, France, South Korea, Cameroon, USA, Japan, Thailand, Venezuela, Singapore, Iran, Italy, India, UK, Vietnam, and China, will be displayed during the exhibition. >> Read more
Think, 2017.08.13 Sun, by

Haffendi Annuar joint winner of London Powerhouse Commission

Haffendi Annuar and British artist Jesse Wine were announced as joint winners of the inaugural Powerhouse Commission, in London's famous Battersea Power Station site, >> Read more
Think, 2015.01.22 Thu, by

Art Stage Singapore 2015 Opening

Art Stage Singapore opened strongly, with collectors from all over East Asia milling around and strong early sales reported across the fair. Art Stage positions itself as the premier platform for South East Asia but this year there was was a strong international presence... >> Read more
Think, 2014.12.06 Sat, by

Naturescapes – a global perspective

Parkview Art Hong Kong presents “Naturescapes - a global perspective”, a bold confrontation between artists’ personal interpretations of nature. >> Read more
Think, 2014.10.30 Thu, by

Istanbul: Contemporary Art

Visitors to Istanbul may be forgiven if contemporary art isn't high on their agenda. After all, historic sites abound. But in fact Istanbul has seen an art boom of sorts, with new museums, spaces, and galleries mushrooming along with the booming economy over the last decade or so... >> Read more
Think, 2014.01.24 Fri, by

Art Stage & Singapore Art Week report card

Dear Mr & Mrs Singapore: Your children, Art Stage and Biennale, have successfully completed the year and may enter the next class. Here is our report card. They are performing stronger but still have some work to do.
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Singapore, Art Plural Gallery is pleased to present Flux, an important collective exhibition featuring more than 20 artists working with various media such as painting, sculpture, drawings and photography. >> Read more

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