EX: 1/30/2012
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‘Etherial Machines’
Mai 36 Galerie and Ota Fine Arts, Shanghai

Mai 36 Galerie and Ota Fine Arts Shanghai are delighted to present Ethereal Machines, a dual exhibition that brings together Chinese artist Zang Kunkun and Singapore artist Guo-Liang Tan. >> Read more
2016.01.21 Thu, by

Sing Sing Breakout—Art Stage Singapore 2016

The government approaches this art market thingy the way a tiger mother might, not because art is good for folks but for glory and good marks—because she really is very competitive. It is soft power, red in tooth and claw. >> Read more
2015.01.14 Wed, by

Writing an Image

Space Cottonseed is proud to present Writing an Image, a group exhibition of five artists, Farid Stevy Asta, Wisnu Auri, Indra Dodi, Youn Seuk Oh and Seungho Yoo, who have been practicing art in relation to text and writing... >> Read more
2014.01.17 Fri, by

Art Stage Singapore: “An Evening at Gillman Barracks” exhibition previews

“An Evening at Gillman Barracks” is tonight at Singapore’s whitewashed gallery enclave. Here, Randian offers preview sights of the shows at premier galleries including Arndt, ShanghART and Mizuma. >> Read more
2014.01.17 Fri, by

ArtStage Singapore ’14: Gallery Booths

A photo tour of international gallery booths at the 4th edition of ArtStage Singapore this week. >> Read more
2013.11.25 Mon, by

Glance: Paik in the ’90s

The sense of individual soul and an objective, collective technology that simultaneously inhabit works like these is perhaps what adds up to their particular, anachronistic charm. Paik may have been dead seven years, but even a small show such as this proves the enduring appeal of what he did. >> Read more
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Singapore is emerging as a regional culture-hub, with rapidly developing institutions, including Singapore Biennial, and a safe-harbor for major art collections. >> Read more