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2015.09.05 Sat, by

Tang Yongxiang – Magician Space

Magician Space is very pleased to present its second exhibition with Tang Yongxiang and a new body of work by the Beijing-based artist. On view beginning of 5th September to 18th October, the exhibition brings together a selection of recent oil paintings produced over the past two years. >> Read more
2014.02.20 Thu, by

Tang Yongxiang: Process of Elimination

The most compelling aspect of Tang Yongxiang’s work is the conscious inadequacy which infects it. 
>> Read more
2014.01.08 Wed, by

Tang Yongxiang

Tang Yongxiang’s paintings emerge from a process of concealment: the artist’s process attempts to abandon vestiges of individual experience and society’s backdrop by obscuring judgment and ideology, whilst also reorganizing and liberating fragments of images. >> Read more
2012.06.13 Wed, by

Tang Yongxiang’s “Hide”

Tang Yongxiang, an artist from Hubei, was initially akin to other painters like Shi Chong and Xu Wentao, and had a high regard for realist techniques. >> Read more
2018.06.25 Mon, by

‘Brushwork and True Feeling’
Tang Contemporary Art, Bangkok

Tang Contemporary Art Bangkok is proud to announce the opening of a new group exhibition on June 23 entitled “Brushwork and True Feeling.” >> Read more
2016.03.28 Mon, by

Beyond the Conceptual, towards the Essential

“La pittura è cosa mentale”—“Painting is a mental thing”. >> Read more
2015.09.29 Tue, by

Fall shows in Beijing

Beijing shows to take in this season. >> Read more
2015.09.09 Wed, by

Shanghai West Bund Art & Design | Magician Space C3

In Tang Yongxiang's work, objects and scenes are first captured unconsciously by camera, establishing a contingent relationship with the artist’s lived-experience. >> Read more
2015.07.01 Wed, by

Nocturnal Friendships | Curated by Liu Wei and Li Bowen |Lehmann Maupin Hong Kong

Hong Kong, June 26, 2015—Lehmann Maupin Hong Kong is pleased to present Nocturnal Friendships, an exhibition that examines various forms of friendship and considers the idea of friendship in relation to desire, the erotic, and death. >> Read more
2015.01.05 Mon, by

Notes on 2014: Beijing and beyond

A look back at the passing year in Beijing and beyond. >> Read more

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