EX: 1/30/2012
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2017.09.28 Thu, by

Three Shadows Photography Art Centre

Three Shadows Photography Art Centre is China's premiere space for contemporary photography and new media art. >> Read more
2017.09.28 Thu, by

Three Shadows Photography Art Centre

Three Shadows Photography Art Centre – AIR Studios Available from March to November 2018 >> Read more
2017.06.14 Wed, by

40 Years of Chinese Contemporary Photography (1976-2017) – Three Shadows 10th Anniversary Special Exhibition

Emerging after the Cultural Revolution, Chinese contemporary photography has more than forty years of history. This exhibition is divided into four sections: “The Rise of Unofficial Photography (1976–1979)”, “New Wave Photography (1980-1989)”, “Experimental Photography (1990-2006)”, and “The Development of Experimental Photography Organizations (2007-present) ” >> Read more
2017.05.21 Sun, by

VALÉRIE BELIN “Meta-clichés”
Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, Beijing

Valérie Belin explores the materiality of matter, primarily using the human form and its manmade and virtual representations. A central theme is her work is the boundary between reality and illusion; where, in our perception, in our habit of seeing and understanding, does this lie? In approach, Belin makes deft use of light, detail, texture and […] >> Read more
2014.06.07 Sat, by

2014 Sixth Three Shadows Photography Award Finalists Announcement

2014 Sixth Three Shadows Photography Award Finalists Announcement >> Read more
2014.04.05 Sat, by

Three Shadows Photography Art Centre

In June 2007 two leading photographers – RongRong, from China and inri, from Japan – founded the Three Shadows Photography Art Centre in Beijing's vibrant new art district, Caochangdi. >> Read more
2014.04.05 Sat, by

Three Shadows First Experimental Image Open

As the title suggests, open exhibition refers to an indefinite theme, freedom to choose mediums for image, and no curators; artists participate freely for impromptu autonomous creation and presentation within a specified time and space, to highlight the non-mainstream and uncertainty. >> Read more
2017.05.15 Mon, by

Genieve Figgis
“What we do in the shadows”
Almine Rech Gallery, Brussels

Genieve Figgis is a consummate storyteller. Using paint rather than words, her deeply narrative works—often conjuring characters and settings out of the Edwardian age of the Anglo-Irish aristocracy—fit snugly within this long tradition of Irish cultural production. >> Read more
2017.04.10 Mon, by

CAC Workshop | How to Control the Movement of a Photon through Shadows?

How do we perceive time as a form of matter? How is it possible that sound can become flesh and make its dwelling in a worm? How to control the movement of a photon through shadows? >> Read more
2015.04.20 Mon, by

Liu Yujia & Lai Jin ’na Dual Solo Exhibitions-Shanghai Gallery of Art THREE ON THE BUND

Four video and photography works are featured in artist LiuYujia’s first solo exhibition, casting light on things she’s been recently interested in: objects and the fields they belong to. >> Read more

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