EX: 1/30/2012
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2017.07.20 Thu, by

Zheng Chongbin: The Classical Origins of Contemporary Abstraction

It is too early to decide if I am destroying the tradition of ink painting. —Zheng Chongbin >> Read more
2016.04.13 Wed, by

Can You Tame a Forest?

Forests and jungles have been seen as anything from bastions of harmonious tranquility to wolf-haunted wastelands or tracts of resources to be cataloged and exploited. >> Read more
2015.12.22 Tue, by

STPI announces solo exhibition of original works by Singaporean artist Jane Lee

COILING VI, 2015 PLAYING I,I, 2015 WING VI, 2015 ABOUT THE ARTIST Lee lives and works in Singapore. >> Read more
2015.11.20 Fri, by

“My Forest Has No Name” by Donna ONG at FOST Gallery, 16 January – 28 February 2016

FOST Gallery is proud to showcase My Forest Has No Name by Donna ONG. >> Read more
2014.08.08 Fri, by

Srihadi Soedarsono: Spirituality of Bedhaya 26 September – 26 October 2014, Main Gallery & Project Room

Equator Art Projects is pleased to present the first solo exhibition of Srihadi Soedarsono’s work in Singapore. Seven new paintings in oil on canvas will be displayed in the Main Gallery. >> Read more
2014.08.08 Fri, by

Ivan Sagita: Chosen to die-22 August – 18 September 2014, Main Gallery

Equator Art Projects is pleased to present Ivan Sagita’s first solo exhibition at the gallery. Featuring a new body of work encompassing painting, photography and sculpture, the show is a timely evaluation of the artist’s versatile and diverse practice. >> Read more
2013.07.15 Mon, by

Singapore Postcard

Ah Singapore - Switzerland of Asia! Clean, organized, educated, military and somewhat conservative - just call me Heidi. All that's missing are cuckoo clocks and those things they call the Alps, but who needs those anyway when you have a giant walky-casino-helipad-pool and Avatar-like super-trees? Cuckoo! >> Read more
2013.06.03 Mon, by

Duo Review from Singapore

Gillman Barracks, an old army base, has, over the past two years, emerged as Singapore’s new art district. With shopping being the national sport of this island-state, it is no easy matter for an art district to achieve the fame of shopping districts. Say the name of Gillman Barracks to a taxi driver, and nine times out of ten... >> Read more