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2015.07.27 Mon, by

Architecture for Dogs|Kenya Hara |Shanghai Himalayas Museum

Architects: Atelier Bow-Wow / Toyo ITO / MVRDV / Yansong MA / Kengo KUMA / Konstantin GRCIC / Kazuyo SEJIMA / TORAFU ARCHITECTS Inc. / Hiroshi NAITO / Shigeru BAN / Sou FUJIMOTO / Reiser+Umemoto / Hara Design Institute >> Read more
2014.04.07 Mon, by

Shinohara Kazuo

As the Power Station of Art’s first major exhibition of 2014, Kazuo Shinohara is a comprehensive retrospective of the major works of late Japanese architect and educator Kazuo Shinohara, helping to shed light on his ideas and methods. >> Read more
2013.03.22 Fri, by

News: Guggenheim to commission Chinese art, Tefaf Beijing, Pritzker Prize & More

Guggenheim to commission Chinese art, Tefaf Beijing, Pritzker Prize, New export ban for Chinese painting, Art Basel HK announces selection for Encounters section... >> Read more
Interviews, 2018.09.25 Tue, by

Rachel Lehmann – interview

Sitting at a small table in the Lehmann Maupin booth at Art Basel Hong Kong, Chris Moore spoke with Rachel Lehmann about how she became involved with art, galleries and Hong Kong. >> Read more
Interviews, 2016.08.30 Tue, by

Ryuji Tanaka

Text written by Koichi Kawasaki – art historian and Gutai scholar – on the occasion of the monograph RYUJI TANAKA published by Axel Vervoordt Gallery in collaboration with AsaMer, 2016. Using traditional mineral pigments, a traditional type of Japanese paint, Ryuji Tanaka’s works convey a keen awareness of nature. Tanaka’s life was marked by a […] >> Read more
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V ART CENTER____ in the Room

Jocelyn Allen, Julie Bentley, Geoff Buono, Xiaoyi Chen, Jisun Choi, Imogen Freeland, Debbie Harman, Sarah Janes, Betty Ketchedjian, Yukihito Kono, Karina Lax, Wenting Liu , Mels van der Mede, Zaynab Omotoyosi Odunsi, Yifan Qian , Alessandra Rinaudo, Veronique Rolland, Emilie Sandy, Ian Samels, Paloma Tendero, Tessa Williams, Zhanglu >> Read more
Interviews, 2013.04.09 Tue, by


Whether it is true or not is subject to arguments between art historians, while there is little doubt about the presence of certain game elements in the video art of Lee, Lee-Nam. >> Read more