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The Drawer of Wu Dayu

The Drawer of Wu Dayu centers on Wu's oeuvre in watercolor, oil pastel, and mixed media, with a hundred works carefully selected from nearly 700 pieces of non-sketch or studies. >> Read more
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From Basel to Hong Kong. An interview with Dominique Lévy

Just prior to Chinese New Year Chris Moore spoke Dominique Lévy by telephone to discuss Hong Kong and China, beginning by discussing why Lévy Gorvy first opened an office in Shanghai before opening the gallery in Hong Kong. >> Read more
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Permanent Abstraction: Epiphanies of a Modern Form in Escaped Totalities

On November 6, 2016, Permanent Abstraction: Epiphanies of a Modern Form in Escaped Totalities will open at the Red Brick Art Museum in Beijing. The exhibition is curated by Su Wei and Sonja Lau. >> Read more
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Tina Keng Gallery

The Tina Keng Gallery has its roots in the Lin & Keng Gallery (1992–2009) based in Taipei, Taiwan and Beijing, China. Delving into Chinese art history, Lin & Keng was instrumental in promoting the work of Asian classical masters. The Tina Keng Gallery has continued this tradition by supporting Greater Chinese contemporary art, with a […] >> Read more
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TKG+ opened its expansive space in Taipei in 2009 and its mission is to promote and support the most interesting and significant contemporary art from the region. >> Read more
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The Pioneers—Chinese Modernists in Paris

Relatively few Chinese artists had the opportunity to live in Paris in the early to mid-century period. War and revolutions led some like Sanyu into exile there, benefitting from their relatively cosmopolitan middle-class backgrounds, in this respect if no other... >> Read more
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Pioneers of Modern Chinese Painting in Paris

The exhibition "Pioneers of Modern Chinese Painting in Paris" presents Sino-French artists of the early 20th century heralded as fundamentals. >> Read more
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Culture Shanghai

A Return Oriented Towards The Future >> Read more
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Arte Laguna Prize

The contest features the awarding of cash prizes, the organization of a major collective exhibition in Venice, exhibitions in international Art Galleries, collaborations with Companies, Art Residencies and the publication of a catalogue. >> Read more