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2017.11.03 Fri, by

Intimate Encounters Handscrolls and Albums from the M K Lau Collection

The M K Lau Collection, one of Asia’s finest private collections of 20th century brush and ink paintings is proud to present Intimate Encounters: Handscrolls and Albums from the M K Lau Collection, showcasing 50 works that have rarely been presented to the public. >> Read more
2017.07.06 Thu, by

Zheng Li: An Artist’s Obsession with the Aesthetics of Brush and Ink

Anyone who knows both me and Zheng Li is aware that we are unabashed admirers of each other’s work. >> Read more
2016.09.21 Wed, by

“Qi” Bian Qing Solo Exhibition

Curator: Zhu Tong Exhibition Period: September 24, 2016 – October 20, 2016 Exhibition Opening: 3:00 pm, September 24, 2016 Venue: Ginkgo Art Center No.40, Xinzhong Jie, Dongcheng District, Beijing (west gate of the Workers Gymnasium and the east of Asia Hotel) Opening Hours:10 am–6 pm, Closed on Sunday Transcendence · Cyan Research and discussions about […] >> Read more
2015.12.18 Fri, by

National Gallery Singapore (NGS): Debut Exhibitions

If the Gallery’s debut permanent exhibitions are any indication, there’s a clear mission to articulate coherent art historical narratives.
>> Read more
2015.11.17 Tue, by

National Gallery Singapore announces opening exhibitions

National Gallery Singapore announces opening exhibitions which will celebrate art from Singapore and Southeast Asia >> Read more
2015.06.10 Wed, by

Global Exchange Program for Art Specialists in China, USA and Europe

Wonderka Art Management, LLC, New York • Paris 依托北京艺海廊桥文化艺术中心、中国国际广播电台国际在线书画频道、国大公益等中国艺术传播机构,联合中、美、欧顶尖艺术机构和院校,在北京、上海、纽约、伦敦、巴黎等城市全面推出“中、美、欧艺术精英全球交流项目” >> Read more
2014.11.08 Sat, by

COSMOS : Opening Exhibition of Shanghai 21st Century Minsheng Art Museum

On Friday November 21st, 2014 at 3pm, the Shanghai 21st Century Minsheng Art Museum will celebrate its grand opening with its inaugural exhibition “Cosmos” (open to the general public on November 22nd). >> Read more
2014.06.30 Mon, by

The Pioneers—Chinese Modernists in Paris

Relatively few Chinese artists had the opportunity to live in Paris in the early to mid-century period. War and revolutions led some like Sanyu into exile there, benefitting from their relatively cosmopolitan middle-class backgrounds, in this respect if no other... >> Read more
2014.04.25 Fri, by

Pioneers of Modern Chinese Painting in Paris

The exhibition "Pioneers of Modern Chinese Painting in Paris" presents Sino-French artists of the early 20th century heralded as fundamentals. >> Read more
2013.04.19 Fri, by

National Art Museum of China

The National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) is a national museum dedicated to the collection, research and exhibitions of modern and contemporary artistic works in China. >> Read more

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