EX: 1/30/2012
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2014.07.17 Thu, by

Extraordinary Daily II: Xue Tao Solo Exhibition 2014

Xue Tao's Kunmimg-based revival of his 2007 "Extraordinarily Daily" 2007 exhibits in Beijing and Shanghai. This current selection contains 14 Arte Povera reminiscent sculptures made of twisted newspaper over the past seven years.
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2014.07.17 Thu, by

Extraordinary Daily II: Xue Tao Solo Exhibition 2014

Xue Tao, being one of the experimental artists and event planners from this period of time, has had a very important role in promoting this development. >> Read more
2012.10.20 Sat, by


Group exhibition with Gao Yan, Gong Wenbo, Li Fuchun, Li Ming, Ma Chong, Mu Jin, Wang Chengliang, Xue Tao, Zhang Peter >> Read more
2012.09.28 Fri, by

Soka Art Centre – Beijing

Cai Cuo Qiang, Tsai Meng Chang, Cai YiRu, Yayoi Kusama , Kent Keong Tam, Tu HongTao,Wang Guangle, Wang Yigang, Wang Yin, Wang Zhi Bo, Wu Chi-Tsung, Xie Wang Zi, Xu Beihong, Xu Bing >> Read more
2018.07.22 Sun, by

Pearl Lam Galleries

Shanghai—Pearl Lam Galleries is pleased to present the summer group exhibition Undercurrents in Shanghai, organized by the galleries’ associate curator Xia Jing. >> Read more
2018.06.25 Mon, by

‘Brushwork and True Feeling’
Tang Contemporary Art, Bangkok

Tang Contemporary Art Bangkok is proud to announce the opening of a new group exhibition on June 23 entitled “Brushwork and True Feeling.” >> Read more
2017.11.03 Fri, by

Intimate Encounters Handscrolls and Albums from the M K Lau Collection

The M K Lau Collection, one of Asia’s finest private collections of 20th century brush and ink paintings is proud to present Intimate Encounters: Handscrolls and Albums from the M K Lau Collection, showcasing 50 works that have rarely been presented to the public. >> Read more
2017.07.20 Thu, by

Zheng Chongbin: The Classical Origins of Contemporary Abstraction

It is too early to decide if I am destroying the tradition of ink painting. —Zheng Chongbin >> Read more
2016.09.27 Tue, by

“Humanistic Nature and Society (Shan-shui, 山水) – An Insight into the Future”

Initiator:Dai Zhikang Curator:Wong Shun-kit Humanistic Nature and Society (Shan-shui, 山水) – An Insight into the Future Collateral Event of the 56th International Art Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia, China Tour Exhibition | Shanghai A Project Supported by China National Arts Fund 4F, Shanghai Himalayas Museum Artists:( alphabetical order) Chen Bochong, Gao Shiqiang, He Haixia,Hu […] >> Read more
2016.03.21 Mon, by

Decking the Halls: Asian gallery highlights at ABHK 16

Art Basel Hong Kong is an annual chance to visit galleries whose programs don't always reach beyond the region. >> Read more

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