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Crescent: Retrospectives
Beijing Inside-Out Art Museum

How to present a case study of these two artists who have had such a long career is indeed a challenge. Their practice dates back to the 1950s and their entire work, which spans decades, offers a unique insight into China’s social transformation and artistic revolution from the 1950s to the present day. >> Read more
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From Basel to Hong Kong. An interview with Dominique Lévy

Just prior to Chinese New Year Chris Moore spoke Dominique Lévy by telephone to discuss Hong Kong and China, beginning by discussing why Lévy Gorvy first opened an office in Shanghai before opening the gallery in Hong Kong. >> Read more
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Suzhou Documents 2016

The summer of 2016 will see the inauguration of Suzhou Documents, a large- scale exhibition of contemporary art to be held at several venues within the city of Suzhou, including the Suzhou Art Museum, the Canglang Pavilion Garden (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), and Suzhou Industrial Park. Jointly curated by Zhang Qing (Founding Director of […] >> Read more
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INK studio is pleased to present He Yunchang's solo exhibition Water Forming Stone, which includes a brand-new series of three performances and a selection of his past works. Trained as an oil painter, He Yunchang (b. 1967 in Lianghe, Yunnan) turned towards performance art in the early 1990's and has become one of its most committed and challenging practitioners. >> Read more
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Global Exchange Program for Art Specialists in China, USA and Europe

Wonderka Art Management, LLC, New York • Paris 依托北京艺海廊桥文化艺术中心、中国国际广播电台国际在线书画频道、国大公益等中国艺术传播机构,联合中、美、欧顶尖艺术机构和院校,在北京、上海、纽约、伦敦、巴黎等城市全面推出“中、美、欧艺术精英全球交流项目” >> Read more
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SOKA Art Center – Taibei

Soka Art Center was founded in 1992 in Tainan, Taiwan. It manages comprehensively from Chinese art to Asian contemporary art. In 2001, Soka Art Center Beijing was established. Director Hsiao Fuyuan became the very first Mainland gallery owner from Taiwan which accounts for the initiation of Taiwan gallery enterprise in China. In the following nineteen […] >> Read more
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On 14th September the Australia China Art Foundation will present “IU-You&Me”, an exhibition of latest work by Cui Xiuwen, one of the leading Chinese conceptual artists. >> Read more
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Culture Shanghai

A Return Oriented Towards The Future >> Read more
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Soka Art Centre – Beijing

Cai Cuo Qiang, Tsai Meng Chang, Cai YiRu, Yayoi Kusama , Kent Keong Tam, Tu HongTao,Wang Guangle, Wang Yigang, Wang Yin, Wang Zhi Bo, Wu Chi-Tsung, Xie Wang Zi, Xu Beihong, Xu Bing >> Read more