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2017.07.13 Thu, by

Gallery 55 – Zhang Xiaowei – White Smoke

Gallery 55 is proud to present artist Zhang Xiaowei’s solo exhibition “White Smoke” from the 15th of July through the 6th of August 2017. >> Read more
2017.05.15 Mon, by

Zhang xiao: So Many Things Are Going On

The personal project “So Many Things Are Going On” by Zhang Xiao is the first solo exhibition of A Thousand Plateaus Project Space 1000 +. >> Read more
2017.02.16 Thu, by

Sol Lewitt and Zhang Xiaogang

(中文) 二十多年后的今天,在佩斯北京的展厅中,索尔·勒维特与张晓刚这两种在各自环境之中形成的自我系统,此时此刻共存于一个展陈空间之中,呈现出截然不同的面貌…… >> Read more
2016.10.03 Mon, by

Sol LeWitt and Zhang Xiaogang

Pace Beijing is pleased to present a joint exhibition Sol LeWitt and Zhang Xiaogang, opening to the public on 28 September and running through to 19 November. >> Read more
2016.05.31 Tue, by

Zhang Xiaotao: The Spring of Huangjuepin

A solo exhibition by Zhang Xiaotao >> Read more
2015.05.11 Mon, by

“About My Hometown” a solo exhibition of Zhang Xiao

Blindspot Gallery is pleased to present “About My Hometown”, the third solo exhibition of Mainland artist Zhang Xiao at Blindspot Gallery, featuring the six latest photography and mixed media series from the artist. >> Read more
2015.05.07 Thu, by

Zhang Xiao | About My Hometown

“About My Hometown” features six latest photography and mixed media series from the award-winning Mainland Chinese artist Zhang Xiao. >> Read more
2014.05.13 Tue, by

Zhang Xiaogang’s Oil on Paper-Pace Hong Kong’s Inaugural Show

We are pleased to announce that Pace Gallery is now launching in Hong Kong with a new office, bringing one of the most famous Chinese contemporary artist Zhang Xiaogang’s latest oil on paper works to constitute its inaugural show. >> Read more
2013.02.22 Fri, by

“They” by Zhang Xiao

Blindspot Gallery is delighted to present Chinese photographer Zhang Xiao’s award-­‐winning series "They", which won the Three Shadows Photography Award in 2010. >> Read more

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