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2018.04.26 Thu, by

Wang Dongling: Poetry and Painting

During the week that Wang Dongling was in New York for the opening of the exhibition Wang Dongling: Poetry and Painting at Chambers Fine Art on February 28, 2018 he gave three public demonstrations of calligraphy that for those lucky enough to witness them revealed why calligraphy has long been revered above all other forms of visual art in China. >> Read more
2018.03.09 Fri, by

Reality, Poetry, Hierarchy, and Then…?

Chen Chieh-jen’s new exhibition “A Field of Non-field” is a show that demonstrates refinement, not only in its sleek, grey visual effects, but also in the artist’s work combing through and neatly displaying the contextual relationships that exist between every single element in the exhibition—and on top of this, all of it done to the tune of his concise aesthetic temperament: solemn, neutral, calm. >> Read more
2018.02.20 Tue, by

‘Poetry and Painting’
Chambers Fine Art, New York

Chambers Fine Art is pleased to announce the opening on February 25, 2018 of Wang Dongling: Poetry and Painting. Wang Dongling >> Read more
2017.11.20 Mon, by

An Ordinary Poetry
sullivan + strumpf, Singapore

In this new body of work I have begun to incorporate new painted surfaces that resemble textiles, >> Read more
2017.11.20 Mon, by

An Ordinary Poetry
sullivan + strumpf

An Ordinary Poetry explores and celebrates the ordinariness of everyday life. >> Read more
2016.01.20 Wed, by

Poetry and Space Station”—2016 New Year’s Poetry Evening

Space Station will be hosting "Poetry and Space Station," 2016 New Year's Poetry Evening on January 16th, 2016 from 5:00pm to 7:00pm. >> Read more
2016.01.20 Wed, by

POETRY—Tian Xiaolei Solo Exhibition

Cultural Spiral of the Bio-mechanical Age: Cyborg, Posthumanism and Embodiment —— Tian Xiaolei’s Solo Exhibition >> Read more
2014.07.10 Thu, by

Claire Lee:Poetry Reading & Launch of Artist’s Book

Poet and artist Claire Lee will read her poetry and present her new book: FIST. The author will be available for book signing after the reading. >> Read more
2013.10.29 Tue, by

Fragments of Poetry Abandoned in Landscapes

What are landscapes? To modern folks, they are little more than the temporary backdrop for a narcissistic or posturing holiday snap. Landscapes have long since been pushed to the fringes of urban life... >> Read more
2013.05.10 Fri, by

Life Poetry of Mountain Tea Time

OSAGE GALLERY is pleased to announce its first solo exhibition for the Chinese artist Liang Quan, Life Poetry of Mountain Tea Time, featuring a series of tea-themed recent works by this new ink artist. >> Read more

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