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2017.09.18 Mon, by
2017 Almost Art Project

[Press Release]

Opening time: 10:30am to 6pm, September 22-24
VIP Opening party: 6pm, September 21
Address: Tabula Rasa Gallery, Auto Art Sale of Platform China artinstitute, M. Woods Shop

Almost Art Project (AAP) is presenting its third anniversary exhibition between September 22 to 24, 2017. It is the first time the APP put out an open call for submission and we are grateful for the nearly one hundred outsider artists nationwide who sent in their works. This year we are presenting works by 41 artists, including 16 making their AAP debut.

Following the last two AAP exhibitions in Dashilar and 798, this year’s APP will coincide with 798’s Design Festival, an excellent opportunity for both art professionals and the general public to attend. The exhibition is at the Tabula Rasa Gallery in 798.  Meanwhile, the APP is working with the “Auto Art Sale” project of Platform China Art Institute, placing some art works in their vending machines on display. At the same time, APP will “occupy” the window display of M Woods Shop. Since its foundation, in addition to exhibitions, the APP is dedicated to promote outsider art nationwide through publication, talks and events.


Outsider art is derived from French artist Jean Dubuffet’s idea of art brut. Initially it points to art voluntarily created by those with psychiatric conditions. Their creativity is shocking to behold due to its pureness and high autonomy. This concept when translated to English as outsider art, covers a wider range of ideas, including works by most untrained artists with great talent and passionate motivation.

In comparison with last two exhibitions, AAP 2017 is even more diverse in terms of our artists’ age and background, and consequently we are able to present a huge variety of art works including installation, collage, works on paper, digital print, paper cut-out and so on. We hope the diversity of artists and art works can bring freshness to our visitors and broaden and deepen their understanding of outsider art which we find so captivating. Its very definition is so porous hence open to continual evolution, in both content and form with the zeitgeist.

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Last but not least, we have arranged this year’s exhibition as amaze containing different scenarios. It could be someone’s apartment or an outsider artist’s studio. We hope this immersive experience could enhance visitors’ appreciation of outsider art.  All works presented are for sale, and we hope they find collectors equally passionate about outsider out as we are. Visitors are welcome to enquire in person or visit our online shop (search for “almostartproject” in YouShop) to place an order. And also, ART SU 3, the publication of the exhibition will be published soon.

About Almost Art Project

Almost Art Project (AAP) is a guerrilla art festival presenting outsider artists (non-professional, mostly self-taught) and comic artists. We devote to providing a platform for those artists to exhibit and sell their works, in order to promote development of this kind of art in China. Each year, beyond festival, the AAP also presents relevant panel discussions, and summarize the latest development of Chinese outsider art in publication ART SU.