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2017.03.19 Sun, by
A4 Art Museum – Create Spaces

This is the inaugural exhibition since Luxelakes A4 Art Museum relocated to the Exhibition Center of Luxelakes ECO-City in Tianfu New Area. The exhibition is co-chaired by director Sun Li and independent curator Li Zhenhua as art directors with co-curator team members of Richard Castelli (Frensh), Li Jie and Cai Liyuan. The Exhibition will be hold from 15th April, 2017 to 16th July, 2017. The participating artists including Xu Wenkai(aaajiao), Chen Xiao, Edwin Van Der Heide, Feng Chen, He Xiangyu, Ju Anqi, Jean Michel Bruyère, Jeffrey Shaw,Tim Li Man-Wai, Marnix De Nijs, Marianne Heske, NOFFICE(Wei Haoyan&Zhu Ye) and Yan Lei. “Create space” is not only about the narrative of multi-di- mensional spaces, but also the imagination of the new A4 art museum from curators. The exhibition is consisted of poetry, sound, inner, moving, super visual and extensive spaces in order to inspire the audience sensual feelings by body experiences. It’s a static and dynamic live space blurring the visible and invisible, the actual and visional, the interior and exterior, and the eastern and western. Thus, people can rethink the relationship among ourselves, the city and culture.