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Art Talk Sanlitun: Western Gallerists in China & Their Art Stories

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07.25 Thurs 周四 19:30 – 21:00

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60 RMB
(Entrance only)

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According to the latest Art Basel and UBS Global Art Market Report, art sales in China reached $12.9 billion in 2018. Despite a three percent decline from the previous year, last year China was still the third largest art market worldwide. China accounted for 19% of the global market’s total value after the US (44%) and the UK (21%).The art market in China has grown faster than any other markets in the world over the past ten years, which has both positive and negative side effects.

The contemporary art market is becoming far more international – attracting buyers from all over the world. Chinese buyers are also beginning to buy European and American contemporary art. This change is encapsulated by a quote from Arne Glimcher, the Founder of Pace Gallery. “ Western narrative has, to a large extent ended, and the Chinese one just began”. One week ago, Pace Gallery announced that it had closed its Beijing branch“ It’s impossible to do business in mainland China right now and it has been for awhile.” Glimcher said.

Despite the challenges facing China’s art market, it has also shown its potential for growth, capacity to change, and ability to adapt to new realities.This month ART TALK SANLITUN invites two foreign gallerists from two different international art galleries in China to join us. This talk will give audience members who are interested in entering the art market an idea of how to start collecting. The speakers also will share their viewpoint on recent art events.

ART TALK SANLITUN forms a bridge between the art professionals (artists, gallerists, collectors, auctioneers, art dealers, curators and art critics ) and public audience, to create different perspectives on upcoming opportunities in both the Chinese and international art markets.

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