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CALL FOR PAPERS: Symposium | It Begins with a Story: Artists, Writers, and Periodicals in Asia

[Press release]

Deadline: Monday, 25 April 2017

Date: 11–13 January 2018
Organisers: Asia Art Archive in collaboration with The University of Hong Kong

This symposium asks how periodicals in Asia across the twentieth century have fostered conversations about art and emergent forms of visuality. We are interested in how periodicals constitute genealogies of language and nomenclatures around the modern, the contemporary, the indigenous, the nation, arts and crafts, and tradition.

Light, affordable, and foldable, periodicals travelled with unprecedented speed from writer and artist to printer, and from mail service to reader. These circuits of ideas, practices, and readerships created (and were created by) new sites of experimentation in print technologies, illustration, graphic design, and forms literary and artistic. Their portability opened possibilities for the translation and transposition of ideas across media, language, culture, and geography.

‘Periodical time’—the monthly, the fortnightly, the weekly, or at times, the single issue—became a way of serving and forming diverse publics, with spaces including popular, cultural, and literary magazines; newspapers; self-published zines; artist-run magazines; and journals.

For some artists and intellectuals, the print platform remains appealing for its visual, archival, discursive, and dissemination functions. We seek to understand how periodicals map, compile, translate, and republish texts as they define what it means to be modern and contemporary in specific locales.

This symposium invites contributions anchored around periodicals from Asia published between 1900 to the present.

Image: Shilpa Gupta, ‘That photo we never got’, 2015. Photo: Girish G.V. 图片: Shilpa Gupta,我们从来没有得到的那张照片,2015。图片提供: Girish G.V.

Image: Shilpa Gupta, ‘That photo we never got’, 2015. Photo: Girish G.V.
图片: Shilpa Gupta,我们从来没有得到的那张照片,2015。图片提供: Girish G.V.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

1. How did periodicals in Asia shape and disseminate debates around discourses on modernism, aesthetics, the avant-garde, and the contemporary? How were these related to broader affinities such as those of the non-West, the post-colonial, the indigenous, or the alternative?

2. How might we chart the contexts and economies of their production, conditions of publication, circuits of distribution, and networks of readership? What kinds of material content and collection did the form of the periodical make possible?

3. In what ways did periodicals serve as sites of exhibition? What were the languages of visuality constituted within them via images of artwork, advertisements, covers, design and typography, and the very form of the periodical?

4. What intersections between art and writing did periodicals enable? How did the periodical form facilitate experiments in language and new genres of writing? Who were the writers who made significant contributions to periodicals, and what new imaginaries around art did they introduce?

5. What are the implications of digitalisation for the study of periodicals? How has large-scale digitalisation of periodicals opened new ways of seeing, perceiving, annotating, and researching the fields of modern and contemporary art?


Material may be submitted in English or Chinese. Please submit the following by Monday, 10 April 2017, to [email protected](use the subject line: Art Periodicals Symposium):

1. A 200-word abstract
2. A two-page curriculum vitae with e-mail, phone number, and mailing address

Incomplete or late submissions will not be considered. Final papers must be in English or Chinese. There may be funding for speakers, subject to availability.