EX: 1/30/2012
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2020.08.17 Mon, by
Illusive Particles, MadeIn Gallery, Shanghai

Exhibition Period: 2020.08.22 – 09.21

Cai Jian, Feng Zhixuan, Li Hanwei, Lu Boyu, Lu Pingyuan, Wang Ziquan, Zhong Wei

After several months of space design and renovation, the exhibition will showcase the latest works of seven young artists: Cai Jian, Feng Zhixuan, Li Hanwei, Lu Boyu, Lu Pingyuan, Wang Ziquan, and Zhong Wei. Featuring diverse media including painting, sculpture, video installation and text, the exhibition will reflect on the current digital ecosystem and visual language.

“Illusive Particles” pursues MadeIn Gallery’s continuous focus on virtuality and reality, digital and aesthetic evolution, and responds to the accelerated “internetting” process of global lifestyle and daily order as a consequence of the COVID-19 epidemic. The experience’s fragmentation and granulation of the Internet, livestreaming, games and datalinks are increasingly renewing current experiences, visual aesthetics as well as generation and power structures. Virtual ecosystem is not an illusion, but an ultra-real reality experience. Starting from their own working media and perspectives, the seven artists switched and jumped, copied and pasted between the virtual and the real world, creating a new visual vocabulary which freely correlates the digital ecosystem and the ultra-real experience.

Cai Jian’s painting involves pop art and popular culture, through repeated depictions of daily objects and cultural symbols, he expands his research on images and contemporary visuals. Feng Zhixuan specializes in exploring materials and using them creatively; behind the fabricated identity of a Wenzhou Islander, he uses accessible materials to create rich contemporary myths. Li Hanwei’s CG animations excel in adopting the forms of commercial advertisements and films as metaphors, his latest work collects visual experience from a large amount of consumer products, synthesized into an unknown creature with blurred boundaries, spreading and winding in a virtual landscape. Lu Boyu’s practice often manifests itself in a concise form and incorporates anti-plot narrative to create direct emotional impacts. He questions the daily order with a rebellious attitude, repeatedly scrutinizing and exploring the real world. Lu Pingyuan concentrates his practice on the writing of “stories” as a unique type of media for art creation, expanding the position of art in the real world. His latest story explores issues within technology, nature, and ethics with a surreal approach. Wang Ziquan’s works are rooted in his unique observation and understanding of the Internet and the virtual world. Through narrative computer imagery, he explores the threshold values between virtuality and reality, and uses 3D software to imitate the absurdity in the physical world. Zhong Wei’s practice mainly takes form in immersive installations and paintings that speak to the current vibrant but chaotic Internet-based visual language, and through appropriations reflects on the Internet popular culture, collective psychology, and social phenomena.