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2016.06.09 Thu, by
“Overwhelming Imagination: Achieving and Undermining Contradictions” Si Shang Art Museum International Art Conference

[press release]

A two-day conference, Overwhelming Imagination: Achieving and Undermining Contradictions, will be held at Si Shang Art Museum in Beijing, China from July 4-5, 2016. This conference was organized as an exploration of the various “realities,” be they physical, spiritual, digital, or imagined, that we are forced to traverse on a daily basis as a result of the developments of global capitalism. It will be hosted by Si Shang Art Museum (Linyao Kiki Liu), I: project space (Antonie Angerer and Anna Viktoria Eschbach), and Open Ground Blog (Madeline Eschenburg and Ellen Larson).

The conference will include four panel discussions, two occurring each day. The first revolves around questions of the influence of the development of digital technologies with panelists including Deniz Balik, Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau and Sam Mercer, John Hill, and Winnie Soon. The second is about the global politics of art and panelists will include Lisa Bensel, Elena Korowin, Victoria Lucas, and Borim Song. The third is about the effects of urbanization and various forms of social practice and will include Zandie Brockett, Shuang Li and Murray Mckenzie, Andrea Piazza Livia, and Deng Hanbin. The last will be about new directions in the field of art history and panelists will include Katherine Grube, Fabiane M. Borges, Naomi Vogt, and Wang Zhiliang. There will be two panels meeting each day, one morning session and one afternoon session, each lasting approximately two hours, including panelist presentations and discussion.

Those wishing to attend either individual sessions or the entire conference must RSVP to overwhelmingimagination@yahoo.com. Attendance numbers are restricted and seats will reserved on a first come first serve basis.

Si Shang Art Museum’s address: Huosi Road East, Zhangxi Village, Shunyi District, Beijing P.C. 101303
Website: sishangartmuseum.com