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2015.07.15 Wed, by
Prix Net Art

Deadline for entries: August 17, 2015 EST (UTC-5) 23:59

Chronus Art Center, Rhizome and TASML are pleased to announce the second edition of the Prix Net Art, $10,000 prize for net art. The prize will recognize the future promise of an artist making outstanding work on the internet, as demonstrated by past achievement. A second distinction prize of $5,000 will also be awarded. Awards are made on a no-strings-attached basis, acknowledging excellent artists who remain committed to working online. Nominations will be reviewed by a jury of three international judges: Josephine Bosma, Chrissie Iles, and Domenico Quaranta.


The Prix Net Art celebrates the current moment of net art and its future, and was created to acknowledge the shifting relationship between art and the web. Increasingly, the Internet is the frame through which all contemporary art and culture is seen and understood. As many artists tackle technology as subject matter through different forms—sculpture, installation and painting—this prize seeks to address the relative scarcity of support for artwork that takes place primarily or exclusively online. The award is made on a “no strings attached” basis, acknowledging those who have continued to make work on the internet despite limited financial and institutional support, and who remain committed to working online. Each prize is an acknowledgement of one artist’s work in net art, and their future promise to contribute to the field, as evidenced by excellent and significant past achievement.

For more information, please visit: http://prix-netart.org/

Nomination FAQ

* What criteria and materials will be used to award the prize?

The jury will assess the award on artistic excellence, commitment to the field of net art, and significant future promise as demonstrated through their achievement to date.

The jury will review all or part of the list of URLs provided, the nomination statement, bios, press materials, and other publicly available materials the jurors wish to review outside of the nomination itself.

*What kinds of “net art” will be considered?

Net art is art that acts on computer networks, and is acted on by them, in ways that are defining, not merely incidental.

This could include Twitter bots, chatrooms, networked installation, webcam performance, social media interventions, tactical media tools, or Instagram accounts. For the purposes of this prize, emphasis will be given to works that are primarily experienced in a web browser.

If in doubt about the formal criteria, please submit the nomination for consideration, as our jury has a sophisticated understanding of net art practice from which to assess the works and their suitability.

About Chronus Art Center

Established in 2013, Chronus Art Center (CAC) is China’s first nonprofit art organization dedicated to the presentation, research / creation and scholarship of media art. CAC with its exhibitions, residency-oriented fellowships, lectures and workshop programs and through its archiving and publishing initiatives, creates a multifaceted and vibrant platform for the discourse, production and dissemination of media art in a global context. CAC is positioned to advance artistic innovation and cultural awareness by critically engaging with media technologies that are transforming and reshaping contemporary experiences.