2013.06.13 Thu, by Translated by: Fei Wu
Favorite Pieces at and around Art Basel HK

Alexander Calder,”Black and Blue,” 1975, Painted sheet metal and wire, 81.5 x 139.5cm, Van de Weghe Fine Art.
亚历山大•考尔德,《红与黑》,1975,彩色钢板和金属线,81.5 x 139.5cm,Van de Weghe Fine Art

Alexander Calder’s moving sculptures have inspired countless artists. Xavier Veilhand’s series Mobiles will be on show during the fair at Gallerie Perrotin (Hong Kong).

Chun Kwang Young,”Aggregation AU00162,” 2007, Mixed media with Korean mulberry paper, 165 x 155cms, STPI-Singapore Tyler Print Institute
全光荣,《聚合体AU00162》,2007,混合媒体和桑树纸,165 x 155cm,新加坡泰勒版画研究院。

Singapore Tyler Print Institute is one of the leading research and development bases for print making and works on paper. They only choose one or two top print artists for their artist in residency program (Sun Xun is perhaps one of the youngest artists ever chosen for this program). Here, the potential of paper as a medium is fully explored and “unleashed”.

Wang Gongxin,”Zhi Wu=ZHU,” 2013,4-screen video installation, 50′, Xin Dong Cheng Gallery, Beijing.
王功新,《Zhi Wu=竹》,2013,4幕视觉装置,50秒,程昕东国际当代艺术空间,北京。

Wang Gongxin re-interprets the classic literary symbolism of bamboo in a startling new way. The effect of the artist’s new works is mesmerizing, but he remains unable to replicate the ingenuity and vision found in his classic work “The Sky of Brooklyn” (1995).

Juan Genoves,”Cicatriz,” 2013, acrylic on canvas, 240 x 130cm, Marlborough
胡安·赫诺维斯,《Cicatriz》,2013,布面丙烯画,240 x 130cm,马乐伯画廊

Juan Genoves,”Cicatriz,” detail, 2013, acrylic on canvas, 240 x 130cm, Marlborough
胡安·赫诺维斯,《Cicatriz》局部,2013,布面丙烯画,240 x 130cm,马乐伯画廊

Small patches of color are cleverly layered to create a surrealistic effect, which makes the canvas look like a relief sculpture formed of colors.

Yan Bing, “Tools,” 2013, Steel wire rod, wheat straw, and fabric, dimensions variable, Gallery Yang

Wang Yuyang,”Breathing Series-Gift,” 2013, Silica, Motor, Metal Frame, Wine Bottles, Cigarette Boexs, Tang Contemporary Art

“Chung Hwa” cigarettes, and “Mou Tai” wine that inhales and exhales – seeing is not believing !

Zhao Zhao,”Constellation I,” 2013, Glass, stainless steel, 59 x 47 1/4 inches/150 x 120 cm,Chambers Fine Art, Beijing, New York
赵赵,《星空 I》,2013,玻璃、不锈钢,59 x 47 1/4 inches/150 x 120 cm,前波画廊,北京/纽约。

Signs of violence dot the glass – bullet holes. Chambers Fine Art only brings one artist to Art HK each year. Whether they do so for effect or effectiveness, their decision is obviously spot-on.