2013.08.23 Fri, by Translated by: Fei Wu
Glance: “Groundwork Community”

“Groundwork Community” Group exhibition with Hu Xiaoyuan, Sui Jianguo, Wang Sishun, Xin Yunpeng, Yang Guangnan, Yang Xinguang and Zhao Zhao

Taikang Space (Red No.1-B2, Caochangdi, Cuigezhuang, Chaoyang District, Beijing), Jun 27 – Aug 17, 2013

One of the reasons this exhibition is entitled “Groundwork Community” is because all of the pieces on show represent the most basic structures in their shape. These include Sui Jianguo’s “One Cubic Meter of Darkness” (2011), Yang Xinguang’s “Sharp Point” (2012), Wang Sishun’s “Integrate with Deity, and Share Its Purity and Immortality” (2013). Although Cézanne said “Treat nature in terms of the cylinder, the sphere, and the cone,” the viewer will not be able to connect these geometric bodies with nature through any stretch of imagination. On the contrary, the message of the show seems to be the entanglement of violence (as seen in Zhao Zhao’s “Fragments,” 2007) with the fields of business and politics, and the implications thereof (Xin Yunpeng’s “Internal Supply,” 2009). The overall atmosphere of the show is masculine, bold, and chilling.

Xin Yunpeng, “Internal Supply”, installation (tin cans, polished surface), dimensions variable, 2009
辛云鹏,《内部供应》,装置(听装饮料罐,表面抛光),尺寸可变, 2009

Zhao Zhao, “Fragments”, installation (stainless steel), 25 x 23 cm, 2007.
赵赵,《碎片》,装置(不锈钢),25 x 23 cm, 2007.

Wang Sishun, “Integrate with Deity, and Share Its Purity and Immortality”, installation (gold), 4.786 x 2.958 x 1.828 cm, 2013.
王思顺,《与神统一,并分享它的纯洁和不朽》,装置(黄金),4.786 x 2.958 x 1.828 cm, 2013.

Yang Xingguang, “Sharp Point”, installation (wood), dimensions variable, 2012.
杨心广,《尖头》, 装置(木),尺寸可变, 2012.

Sui Jianguo, “One Cubic Metre of Darkness”, sculpture (steel welding), 103.2 x 103.2 x 103.2cm, 2011.
隋建国,《一立方米的黑暗》,雕塑(钢板焊接),103.2 x 103.2 x 103.2 cm, 2011.