2013.01.26 Sat, by
“Weight of History”, the Collectors’ Show opening at Singapore Art Museum

Collectors, gallerists, artists and mortals alike gathered to feel the “Weight of History” (aka the Collectors’ Show) at Singapore Art Museum last night. At first visitors were distracted completely by the Wait for Food –  local Laksa, skewers and sweets in a pleasant colonial courtyard (any wonder art took its time to reach the Malacca Strait, everyone was too busy eating). Anyway, tummies full, guests later poured through the rooms of the museum to look at high-calibre works, beautifully displayed. Among them stuff by Li Songsong, Xu Bing, Aisha Khalid, Yee Sookyung, Shilpa Gupta and Sudarshan Shetty. The laksa really was pretty tasty though.