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【DRUG】Group Exhibition of the Chinese and Foreign Artists

【DRUG】Group Exhibition of the Chinese and Foreign Artists

Curator: Mike Miller

Artists:  Bu Yunjun、Ge Kanglan、 Guo Xi、Hu Qingtai、 Ji Jun、 Lin Ke、 Lv Zhiqiang、Ni Hongzhua、Xin Yunpeng、Ye Qiusen、Yang Junling、 Zheng Pingping、Frederik Van Doorn、 Ismail ecar

Opening: 2015.7.18 15:00-18:00

Date: 2015.7.18 – 8.22

Address: Hunsand Space 

               A8, No.211 Cao Chang Di ,Chao Yang District, Beijing

Tel: 010-53317400   13521675973


Introduction of the curator: Mike Miller

Mike Miller was born in Pittsburgh in 1957. He studied in the Oriental Literature Department of Indiana University in 1976 and received a doctoral degree in literature. He has been working in the Ford Foundation Institute of Anthropology since 1982. He has published <The Hindu kush mountains nomadic history>、<Magic and culture>、<Southeast Asia doctrine>.The book<Drug> was named<God with his wings: doping of culture>and was published in 1999. The author devoted himself to the research of the east Asia and southeast Asia subculture and he also served as the American Embassy in Turkey cultural counsellor post.



【CROW】The Movie Premiere
Date: 2015.7.18 20:30pm |21:00pm|21:30pm
Address: No.211 Cao Chang Di ,Chao Yang District, Beijing
Tel: 010-53317400 13521675973

Hunsand Space was horned to invited the famous American cultural scholar Mike Miller to curate the Chinese and foreign artists group exhibition and the short film premiere of the movie which was authorized by Ni Hongzhua.

As the writer of the best seller, Mike Miller has done the detailed combing of the history and gossip secret of human use hallucinogenic drugs. He therefore claim that the so-called “drug” actually is a media connection point of the feeling and exist. Based on similar understanding, Mike Miller has great enthusiasm with the atypical artists in the non-mainstream culture. In his opinion, the exist of these artists is as the same as the “drug”. The valuable point is not that they have a system work but the lives of these artists themselves were full of absurd. Their works are just the small part of the absurd life. They don’t take it for a living but just for fun.

The famous host Cai Kangyong recommended this book like this: It can help you to get through an exit from that condition and offer you the possibility to contact with the other world.

To curate the group exhibition of the Chinese and foreign artists, Mike Miller was intended to point out that: “the other world” which said by Cai Kangyong is actually all around.

The name of the exhibitionoriginated from the film with the which was shoot by Ni Hongzhua in 1988. Although the director get a lifetime ban from shadow because of the film but it also become a legend handed down from word to mouth.
In the film, the leading character(W dog) left the first five bullets to his five roommates. Which died instead of the five men was a forest. The sixth bullet was left to himself(W dog).While a crow died instead of him(W dog).

In the artistic creation, the artists always create a Martyr thing and the exist of that can make a distance with the so-called “art”. In the category of relatively safe, the art will continue to produce form. And the form will produce a solid and eternal spirit.
The same logic is also found in the art works of the artist Guo Xi. In the art work,the artist invented an artist Jia Siwen and let him to create for him or he created for Jia Siwen. The exist of Jia Siwen is an absurd identity exist which found by Guo Xi for himself. Under this status, the art works creation of Guo Xi got great freedom. There is no any art works style problem. This is the Martyr thing which created by Guo Xi for himself. Jia Siwen has done the things that Guo Xi wanted to do.

As the topic eye of this exhibition, under the authorization of Ni Hongzhua, several artists and filmmakers “remake” a short movie elaborately with the same name of the film.

At 20:30 pm on the July 18th,2015, the premiere of the will be shown three times on the No.211 Cao Chang Di ,Chao Yang District, Beijing.

We hope to make the film with “gun” resurface and offer a new art opportunity.

Hunsand Space, founded in 2014, is located in No. 211 Cao Chang Di Art District. Hunsand Space, remaining vigilant towards regular cube-shaped exhibitions, is hoping to extend the current syntax and semantics of contemporary art expressions to a wider aspect. Through our ongoing exhibitions and projects, we aim at stimulating an exploration of the neglected present culture and to bring the merit of contemporary art ideology to you and me.

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