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Don Gallery 东画廊
2014.02.22 Sat - 2014.03.16 Sun
Opening Exhibition
02/22/2014 16:00
Unit 302, 2879 Longteng Avenue, Shanghai 上海市徐汇滨江龙腾大道2879号302室 Shanghai 200031 CHINA
(+86)21 6473 1533
Opening Hours
11:0-18:00, Tuesday to Satruday, 13:00-18:00, Sunday
周二至周六,10:00 – 18:00;周日,13:00-18:00
Xixing Cheng

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A Tribute to Isadora Duncan by Lei Benben
[Press Release]

A Tribute to Isadora Duncan
by Lei Benben 

Curator: Aimee Lin

Duration: 22 Feb 2014 – 16 Mar 2014
Opening: 16:00-18:00, 22 Feb 2014
Venue: Room 26, 1331 Middle Fuxing Road, Shanghai
A TRIBUTE TO ISADORA DUNCAN, the solo show by Lei Benben, will be held by Don Gallery from Feb 22 to Mar 16, 2014. This three-week show curated by Aimee Lin, shall exhibit both the latest video works and early stage photography works of the artist. It is a presentation of the artist’s practice in several years: the dialogue between the body and the nature. The artist transfers her own body as the media for perception, and creates new images through the perception and performance. Also, the exhibition dedicates to Isadora Duncan – the founder of the modern dance, to show the artist’s respect and enthusiasm to Duncan’s spirit.

Before she specialized in video art and photography, Lei Benben used to teach dancing which is always the origin of inspirations for her. She took up photography in 2004 and created her first series ”Shadow of the Water” that won the”Curator Recommended Award” in China Pingyao International Photography Festival. And then she stepped into video art in 2007. A TRIBUTE TO ISADORA DUNCAN is the first solo to show Lei Benben’s new attempts since 2013. By the dance languages, she produced videos involving the dialogue between the body and the nature, spiritual perception and performance. The four video works displayed in the main show room of the Gallery were all double-channel videos; one channel for recording the artist’s dancing actions surrounded by mountains, rivers and forests with a fixed camera; the other channel for recording the improvised motion images with the mobile phone camera. The photography works displayed in the other show room were from the artist’s early stage. They are a kind of experimental attempts of the dialogues between the photographer’s body and the nature or artificial environment.

Lei Benben’s creation is all about the beauty of images and rhythms of motion pictures. No matter photography works or video works are both involved with body actions and full music characters. Her works are her unique experience of the nature as well as dialogues between the spirit and the body. Lei Benben constructs a spiritual world full of intelligence.

Lei Benben had several domestic and abroad exhibitions like the solo show “Titled Horizon” at Bores-li Gallery in 2011, the first Super-Organism CAFAM Biennale 2011 in the Cafa Art Museum, the “Moving Image in China 1988-2011” in Mingsheng Art Museum, etc. Her works have been collected by institutional and personal collectors.

Many special thanks to CP and WTi Group for technical support and equipment sponsor to this exhibition