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V Art Center
2014.04.15 Tue - 2014.05.18 Sun
Opening Exhibition
04/15/2014 16:00
2F, Building 3, No.50 Moganshan Lu Shanghai, China
+86 21 5212.2691
Opening Hours
Tuesday-Sunday 11am - 6pm
Chao Jiaxing

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A New Museum’s Coming!
[Press Release]

[Press Release]

“A New Museum’s Coming!”

The dreams that lie in these private collections of 1980-90s differ from the various individual background and identity, longing for spread. As one of the essential goods during that period, like the other functional objects, pencil sharpener was usually shaped realistically, which becomes a vivid representation of the actual environment. Though quite limited in style, its motifs cover all aspects of common life. One would love to have even if other has the same.

Back to 2014, the surface structure of art world has been continuously stimulated by the enormous vitality of economy. Shanghai has recently witnesses an outburst of public and private museum, art fair, showroom, galleria, and other alternative space – while the amount of local artists seems quite insufficient for the volume. The frequent practitioner turnover and individual desire for energy transformation lead to a highly intellectual exploration in term of contemporary knowledge production.

Titled in advertising tone A New Museum’s Coming, the mini museum invited participants from diverse domains, who could look into the issue from a distance, including publisher, senior editor, freelancer, we media developer, philosopher, art historian, curator and artist etc. Their responses and methodologies will become part of the work presented in V ART CENTER space 1 – the non-profit space, and at same time appear in each of their own work – the field beyond exhibition space, and constantly updated to May 18.

V ART CENTER space 1

No.210,Bulilding3,M50,Moganshan RD,Shanghai

2014 3.15 — 5.18

Participants include:

Shen Qilan (PhD. Philosophy and Religious Studies, University of Münster, Art Critic, Cultural Exchange, Freelance Writer and Editor)

Gu Jing (MA in Art History, Qinghua University, currently works in the Education Department of Shanghai Museum)

Wang Xin (MA in New Media, The Art Institute of Chicago, Hypnotist, she is running THE GALLERY – an internet-and-entities-based utopia project, which will be presented at UK)

Ma Yimu (Excutive Manerger of wemedia ONE)

Liu Xing (MA in Cinema and Vision Art, Paris III Sorbonne-Nouvelle University, Senior Editor of Numéro)

Stephen Bradley (Associate Professor & IMDA Graduate Program Director,UMBC) + Hu Renyi (Artist, Professor at School of Visual Arts, New York)

Lu Xinghua (Associate Professor of Philosopher, Tongji University, recent projects include Future Festival, A Conversation with Jacques Rancière, Take·Place – TBC)

Liu Huatong (MA in Philosophy, Tongji University, Editor of Art World, Poet)

THANKS: Sarah Fraser 胡素心, 徐宁 Xu Ning ,徐震 Xu Zheng ,Lynn Zhang,湛旭华 Zhan Xuhua ,纪洋 Ji Yang,陈琳琳 Chen Linlin

Support: ITOPIA ,Shanghai Institute Of Visual Art,BAZART ,COOL, K2 STUDIO


Established in 2010, V ART CENTER is located in the Shanghai M50 Innovation Park. As a non-profitable space affiliated with SIVA , the center is presided by Mr. Ding Yi, a famous modern artist and an associate dean of SIVA. Both of its exhibition halls in Building No. 3 and No.6 are being operated in an open manner. This young space shall maintain its vitality all the time, presenting a dialogue platform for modern arts in



No.50 Mo Gan Shan Rd,Shanghai 200060

Space1 (view point):2F,Building 3

Space2 (visual art):1F,Building 6

Email: vartcenter@vip.126.com

Web: www.vartcenter.com