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“All men are created equal” by Xin Yunpeng

Hunsand Space will present the exhibition “all men are created equal” by Xin Yunpeng, on April 7, 2016.

“All men are created equal” Drafted by Thomas Jefferson, The Declaration of Independence was passed on 4 July 1776 by the Second Continental Congress, which declared many self-evident truths. Among all these ideas, the most crucial is “all men are created equal”. In Old Testament, human “are created” by God. Therefore, except for emphasizing the truth that “equality” is an in-born nature, this slogan carries strong sense of religion–indicating that the God-created man, in terms of the absolute truth, and the “common man of this world” have quite different political imagination on equality.

Xin Yunpeng’s work often gives you an impression of “hard to digest”. He is elaborating how is concept “falling” into the realm of art, from the perspective of artist. He expresses his contemplation of the dilemma in reality by installments. Ever since the work Unimportant (Taikang Space, 51㎡:8#,Beijing, China, 2010), the artist has been involved in unveiling the hardship that emerged out of the interpersonal differences, and built up certain political metaphors through means of installments or videos. Between (Take Care, Chunchi Art, Beijing, China, 2011) and Handsome (I am here beside Kai Tak waiting for you! 1A Space, Hong Kong, China, 2011), and he lively expresses how himself balancing the leverage of what is correct, in a complicated living experience.

For this exhibition, Xin Yunpeng will bring his latest works to Hunsand Space and carry out a new round of discussion on art live.

Hunsand Space, founded in 2014, is located in No. 211 Cao Chang Di Art District. Hunsand Space, remaining vigilant towards regular cube-shaped exhibitions, is hoping to extend the current syntax and semantics of contemporary art expressions to a wider aspect. Through our ongoing exhibitions and projects, we aim at stimulating an exploration of the neglected present culture and to bring the merit of contemporary art ideology to you and me.

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