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am art space
2013.10.18 Fri - 2013.11.30 Sat
Opening Exhibition
10/18/2013 17:00
50B Fengxian Rd, G/F, Shanghai, China, 200041
Telephone & Fax: 86 21 63842; Inquire: 86 13774219104
Opening Hours
Tuesday - Friday: 11am - 6pm / Weekend: 1pm - 6pm / Closed on Mondays

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All new-formed ones become antiquated before they can ossify
[Press Release]

Press Release

All new-formed ones become antiquated before they can ossify

Curator: Yao Mengxi
Artists: Guo Houtong, He Bing, Huang Songhao, Wang Chao, Zhu Changquan and Zhang Jinghua

October 18th, 7 young artists—Guo Houtong, He Bing, Huang Songhao, Wang Chao, Zhu Changquan and Zhang Jinghua—will have their first independent show at AM art Space, and almost all of these artists were born after 1989. The plan of the curator Yao Mengxi was to invite three artists –He Bing, Huang Songhao and Wang Chao, who would invite another three with whom they have frequent exchanges to join them. Each artist played a role as an intermediary, thus formed free combinations. The exhibition will last from October 18th until November 30th.

Artists “after 90s” have successively graduated and quietly come on stage. Compared to the precedent generation of artists who started artistic practice in a fog, these freshmen are trying to find their own language from the educational system, almost without exception. “Students’ homework” is a clue of the exhibition, which is hidden in the works completed when the artist were still on school days.

Today, people often give a negative sense to the “students’ homework”, meaning jerky works of beginners or their imitation of others. This exhibition provides a intertext between the so-called ‘students’ homework” and the new created works. Today, new trends and new experiences are hardly produced; all of the predecessors become a reference to us. New experience must be produced by mixing and re-working the old, and this is what these young artists focus on They are individuals and collective, they are creators and organizers. They are the agent among artist, audience and institutions, they create new intermediary by dispelling themselves with their practice. Free action and self-organization will give birth to new individuals and collective in the future. Agent has the power to fuzz up the given identified and boundaries, push forward artistic productions, But just like Marx said, the relations created by the agents could not escape the fate: “all new-formed ones become obsolete before they can ossify”.

Exhibition time:Oct.18 – Nov.30
Opening: Oct.18,Fri,5-8 PM
Exhibition address: 50B Fengxian Road close Shimen Er road