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Arario Gallery
2014.11.21 Fri - 2015.02.08 Sun
Opening Exhibition
11/21/2014 17:00
# 912, 1 Building, Qilinshe, 4 Wangjing RD, Chaoyang District, Beijing,100102, P.R. China 中国北京市朝阳区望京街 4号楼麒麟社 1-912 (100102)
+86 10 5738 9417
Opening Hours
Tuesday-Sunday, 11am-7pm
Kim Chang-il

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[Press Release]

Duration | 2014. 11. 21 (Sat) – 2015.2. 8 (Sun)

Opening | 2014.11.21 5pm -7pm

Venue | 1-2, 320 Tianping Road, Xuhui District

ARARIO GALLERY is proud to present the solo exhibition by the leading Chinese artist Gao Lei, opens on November 21, 2014 in ARARIO GALLERY Shanghai, China. This is Gao Lei’s second solo exhibition in ARARIO GALLERY, after the Projections (2013) in ARARIO GALLERY Seoul Space.

Some pieces shown in this exhibition are selected from Gao Lei’s recent solo exhibition at Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei. The title ROOM-106 originates from the gallery number and traffic route of MOCA, Taipei, where this piece was first exhibited. The MOCA is a historic building, founded as a primary school during the Japanese colonial period, and was selected as the City Hall of Taipei government in 1945. The classrooms and offices are transformed into exhibition spaces nowadays, which as part of the art museum expresses its historic significance. The leopard from Gao’s previous work A-102, symboled nature and wild, but now stands inside an intersection space of knowledge and power, suspending on the wire as in circus training with a steel tube hanging to maintain balance. And at both ends of the tube, two flags from different parties seems to make the balance more stable. For this exhibition, Gao re-design the work for the space at ground floor, offering audience the new impression of ARARIO space.

Withdrawing the original elements and functional properties of daily objects, Gao Lei’s practice incorporates the transformation and combination of them, by highlighting the combined relationship between orders and chaos, coldness and emotion. Gao’s works are continuously introducing a strong resistance to daily routines and doubts about future trends. With his depiction of all kinds of distinctive objects and events, he highlights distortions, imbalance, and divisions caused from the rapid development of the society. In the isolated and alienated works, the artist prompts the viewers to reexamine and evaluate the different standards applied among us and the world.


Gao Lei was born in 1980 in Changsha, China. He graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts with a degree in Digital Media in 2006.  He currently lives and works in Beijing. Gao Lei has shown in both China and abroad, Floating—Modern Chinese Art Exhibition in Commemoration between Korea and China at National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, Korea, 2007; Accelerate: Chinese Contemporary Art at Singapore Art Museum, Singapore, 2008; China’s ReVision—Chinese Contemporary Art at Ludwig Museum, Koblenz, Germany, 2008; Chinetik at Tinguely Museum, Basel, Switzerland and IVAM, Spain, 2009; The Second Reality at Chinese Contemporary Art at National Art Museum of China; Meridian International Center, Washington DC, USA, Washington D.C, 2009; Criss-Cross: Artworks of Young Chinese Contemporary Artists from Long Collection at Long Museum, Shanghai, China, 2013; WINDOWsky: Gao Lei Solo Exhibition at MOCA,Taipei,2014.