EX: 1/30/2012
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V Art Center
2013.09.16 Mon - 2013.10.06 Sun
Opening Exhibition
09/15/2013 17:00
2F, Building 3, No.50 Moganshan Lu Shanghai, China
+86 21 5212.2691
Opening Hours
Tuesday-Sunday 11am - 6pm
Chao Jiaxing

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[Press Release]

Press Release

Organizer: Art-Ba-Ba Mobile Space
Academic guidance: Liu Xinghua
Participating artists: He An, Ding Li, Liao Guohe, Lu Pingyuan, Zhao Yao, Zhang Jiebai

V-Art Center and Art-Ba-Ba Mobile Space is proud to announce “Archipelago”, an group exhibition academic guidance by Liu Xinghua, consisting of six individual artists; He An, Zhao Yao, Ding Li, Zhang Jiebai,Lu Pingyuan and Liao Guohe presenting their newest works at V-Art Center. Archipelago is by definition a cluster or collection of islands. Based partially in Beijing and Shanghai they have come together as a set of islands forming an archipelago for the audience to explore. “Archipelago” is a condition a state of mind, together they share the same values acting as a dispersed force. As with today’s society, where we emphasize individality, separating, sometimes even isolating, ourselves from the idea as an collective. What “Archipelago” is about is that although in the midst of today’s society where an individual may seem as an isolated islands, we’re actually a part of something larger. If we’re willing to step outside our own islands, there’s more to discover in our near surroundings. In a lot of senses we need to take our environment into account. Therefore “Archipelago” is not a theme, there’s no hidden agenda but rather a condition of these five artist’s at the same time refecting today’s society.

V-Art Center
Established in 2010, V ART CENTER is located in the Shanghai M50 Innovation Park. As a non-profitable space affiliated with SIVA of Fudan University, the center is presided by Mr. Ding Yi, a famous modern artist and an associate dean of SIVA. Both of its exhibition halls in Building No. 3 and No.6 are being operated in an open manner. This young space shall maintain its vitality all the time, presenting a dialogue platform for modern arts in Shanghai.

Art-Ba-Ba Mobile Space
Art-Ba-Ba Mobile Space is a certain exhibiting method, an action, created by local artists, it organizes and presents various kinds of art activities. Its name is derived from the contemporary art social network “Art-Ba-Ba” (www.art-ba-ba.com).
“Art-Ba-Ba Mobile Space” doesn’t have a fixed venue, it appears in artists’ studios, exhibition spaces, museums, and any other spaces that can present art.