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2013.05.25 Sat - 2013.05.26 Sun
Opening Exhibition
05/25/2013 10:00
No.105 W. 3rd Ring Rd N Haidian, Beijing, China, 100048
+86-10 68902792
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Art Market: Beijing Forum
[Press Release]

Art Market: Beijing Forum

The first academic conference on Chinese and international art market, entitled “Art Market: Beijing Forum”, hosted by Capital Normal University, and organized by the Institute of Cultural Studies and College of Fine Arts, CNU, will be held in Beijing in May 24–‐26, 2013.
The Chinese economy continues to grow fast while the economic conditions of Euro–‐American countries face uncertainty in recent years. The art market of China has surpassed the United States and become the largest yet still growing market for the trade of art products. The Chinese art market, however, appears wild and lacks of established rules, either official or non-official, and faces great challenges of its own: As special cultural properties, could art works be connected with or treated as regular economic properties? How could the suitable mode of the art-financial market be established? How could a reasonable art law system be built up in China so that the activities of auctions, galleries, artwork gemologists, investors, collectors, etc. would be disciplined and their rights would be guaranteed in return? How does the e‐commerce change the rules of international art market? Would the art licensing have a splendid future in China as it did in the Western world? These and other related questions would be the focuses of the Beijing Forum of Art Market.
The goal of the conference is to create a forum for the exchange of experience, knowledge, and perspectives among art market researchers and professionals inside and outside China.

The following topics would be included in the Forum:
1. Reports from the Auction Houses
This part of the forum will deal with problems surrounding the auction market, with discussion among leading auction professionals from China as well as from Euro and America.
2. Art Market and Finance
Some influencial professionals and professors will be included in this part, coping with the problems caused by the absence of rules in art-financial market in China.
3. Law and Regulation
As the lack of art law system becoming the most serious problem in China, which troubles everyone in the art market, this part of the forum will try to find a way to overcome the barrier. The two most important experts Mr. Zhou Lin (professor from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences ) and Mr. Sun Zhongwei (Founder & Director of www.artlaw.cn/ Director of Art Law Research Center, Sun Zhongwei Law Firm/ Lawyer ) will share their ideas.
4. Art E-Commerce、Art Licensing & Art Collection
This part of the forum will focus on some newly developed fields in China, including Art E-Commerce, Art Licensing and Art Collection. Leading figures, such as Mr. Guo Yicheng(President of ArtKey) and He Bin (President of www.hihey.com) will share ideas.
5. Teaching about Art Market
Teaching skills are vital to the development of art market, yet often be ignored by many people. Professors from all over China will come to discuss the problems and challenges relating to teaching issues, in the hope that it would be improved to a higher level in the near future.
6. Art Market Analysis
The progress of art market is companied by analysis. This part of the forum will be consisted of some experts specializes in research fields of art market, who will report to us some of their new discoveries.

The forum will be hold in Chinese as well as in English. We sincerely hope that the conference will serve to foster friendly relationship and cooperation between individual researchers, professionals and institutions, and will help to make the art market grow in a healthy way.